I Am So Appreciative of Great Customer Service

I Am So Appreciative of Great Customer ServiceI love it when the person on the other end of the line is gracious and helpful, but sometimes you do get a lemon. It happens now and then, so don’t take it personal if a brother or sister doesn’t know how to… well… be pleasant, helpful and act with smarts, couth, kindness and consideration. It’s their stuff and the last thing you want to do is lose the stable, sensible and level headed ground that you walk on.

Keeping a Cool Head with Humor

Keeping a cool head with humor is the best remedy/antidote I have found for maintaining neutrality when interactions go south.  It’s the highest vibration and fix-all on the planet and has the ability to cut through those little, uncomfortable silent pauses and tense interactions that we all have experienced at one time or another – like a knife.

Utmost Respect No Matter What

I work online for a living and get to interact with many smart, cool and interesting people from everywhere and pretty much everyday. That being said, I need to engage and relate with them from wherever they are at and basically take myself out of the equation.  That means maintaining a smooth edge and awareness in present time, otherwise I am no good. Only then can I handle situations that might arise in a caring, compassionate and considerate manner and to the best of my ability – no matter what.

No doubt about it, we all have our own stuff going on. I believe our job in the grand scheme of things is to learn how to handle life’s little curve balls in the highest humanly way possible. Yes, we might stumble and fall out of intelligent grace now and then, but we can also pick ourselves right back up, dust off the dirt and make it a better experience the next time around.

I say that if you are on the phone with a fellow comrade that has crossed your path, treat them with the utmost kindness and respect, even if they are unable to reciprocate. They have crossed your path for a reason.

I am so appreciative of great customer service and when I don’t get it, I learn how to give it better. If you happen to get a lemon on the phone, sprinkle a little sugar and make lemonade.

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