I Love to Teach People How to Blog Effectively As a professional blogger, SEO blog coach and WordPress trainer, I love teaching others how to blog effectively for search engine placement and traffic conversion, utilizing all the features that WordPress has to offer. I’ve been doing this for awhile and have helped many people achieve amazing results.

I often get emails or calls from my clients letting me know they are now on page one in Google for this search term or that.  And the reason they are on page one is because they are working their WordPress site to the max, blogging prolifically and following my SEO content game plan, which happens to be a simple one – Speak your message, write for PEOPLE, then optimize for search engines – always in that order.

Engaging Content Converts, Fodder Doesn’t

Yes, you need search engine optimization to get found in the index, but SEO alone is not going to convert your traffic once they get there.  Nobody wants to read dull, poorly written, optimized fodder.  And that’s exactly what you’re gonna get when you hire content writers (spinners) on the cheap to do your writing for you. Where do you think they are getting their ideas and information from? Other websites, that’s where.

Nothing is more deplorable than scraped and spun content, and don’t think for one minute that search engines and site visitors can’t tell the difference. They can sniff out scraped and recycled content in a millisecond, which is all the time you really have before site visitors hit the Internet Highway and head for the hills.

Your message, straight from your heart and experience, is what speaks to people and that’s what you want to be sending out.  Not generic, junk content that has been said a million and one times before from every other scraper on the Internet. A content writer that pumps out umpteen posts per day is not an EXPERT in your field. All they can really do is copy what your competitors are doing and write about that. Trust me when I tell you, regurgitated content does not convert.

That being said, if you are too busy doing what you do best, hire a savvy content writer that is knowledgeable about your industry, understands English grammar, can actually spell and has search engine optimization experience under their belt, otherwise you are spinning your wheels and wasting your time and money.  Better yet,  flush out your own amazing message and put it in the hands of someone like me that can professionally optimize and format it for usability and SEO.

The other alternative and in my opinion, the best way to go, is to take my WordPress training and SEO blog coaching where I teach you everything I know from my own SEO blogging playbook, which happens to be a lot.

If you remember nothing else from this post…..online blogging success is about conveying your message from your own knowledgebase and experience; writing for PEOPLE first, then optimizing for search engines – always in that order.

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