I’m Eating Crow Today with a Slice of Humble Pie

I'm Eating Crow Today with a Little Slice of Humble PieI’m eating crow today with a slice of humble pie, not my favorite meal. Yesterday, I wrote a post about the importance of quality content, yada, yada, yada and I inadvertently hit the publish button before I had spell and grammar checked and did my final walk through.  And yes, the article did go out through my RSS for everyone to read. OMG and Double Ugh!

So Raw It was Still Mooing!

That article was not even close to being done and yes, I was totally mortified because it was so RAW that it was still mooing.  And in case you were wondering who in the hell would actually send out an article like that, let me just say that no, I wasn’t on magic mushrooms or sniffing glue or inebriated. Nope, I was just plain careless. The irony or should I say the agony of this faux pas was that I was actually writing about the importance of ‘quality content.’ 

We all make mistakes and what’s the big deal here?  Well, when you teach people how to business blog for a living – it matters.  I can’t afford to make those kinds of mistakes and quite frankly, neither can you so let’s all learn from MY mistake and be better bloggers for it.

Creative Brain Dump Mode

I don’t know what your blogging process is but when I’m in ‘creative brain dump mode.’  I don’t concern myself with the left mechanics of grammar, punctuation, spelling or optimization. Basically I ‘let her rip’ until I am done and then I go back in and make it readable, pretty and search engine friendly. I don’t get hung up on left brain mechanics until the creative flow stops. 

Don’t Be Too Hasty to Publish an Article Before Its Time

I like to keep articles in draft for a day or two before I publish them.  That way, I can go back in and tweak away to my heart’s content, which I always do.  In my opinion, business blogging is akin to a fine bottle of red wine and best if you let it sit and breathe for awhile.  And when it’s ready it’s ready and not before. So, don’t be too hasty to publish an article before it’s time for all the world to see because once you hit the publish button, it’s like throwing a brick out the window cause you can’t get it back.

Despite It All

For all of you who did get my latest article in your email yesteray entitled Is Quality Content Important to Your Online Marketing Strategy? Heck Yes! and actually read it or tried to read it without cringing, I hope you will take a few minutes today and read the one that I had intended to send out because it actually happens to be one of my better ones – despite it all.

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