Are Images Important to Your Content Game Plan? Absolutely!

Adding Images to your contentHonestly,  I consider myself more of  a visual person than a wordsmith by nature and truly believe that images can have a much more profound, subliminal and visceral impact on site visitors than words can.  

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE  to play with words. Use words and images together and you are a blogger that makes a difference. 

Images have a way of grabbing your readers in the gut where it counts and drawing them in, down past the title.  I know that may sound like calculated online marketing tactics,  but  if your content is already 5 stars, do whatever it takes to keep your sites visitors on the page long enough to read it.  Enhance your articles with images is smart and FUN!

Images Enhance the User Experience

When site visitors click on a website, they fully expect to find informative and engaging content AND be entertained. Your job is to provide a pleasant user experience that doesn’t disappoint. One image can speak a thousand words and enhance your editorial content ten-fold, so give images the same amount of clout, attention and consideration as written words. 

Internet Usability Formatting

seo Blogging tipsOne of the first things a site visitor will do when they click on a website, and before they even read one lick of content,  is take in the whole ‘gestalt’ of the site and no matter how amazing your content may be, most users won’t take the time to read it unless it is presented in an easy-to-read format that includes heading tags, lists (ordered and unordered) and images that break up blocks of content.

Image Titles and Image Alt Text

Search engines can’t read images but they can read image alt text so always optimize your alt text (text that only search engines can see).  That being said, alt text optimization is not keyword stuffing, which happens to be a very bad SEO practice in any form.  Add a relevent search term/description to your image alt text and leave it at that.

Business blogging tips, adding images to blog postsLast but no least, give image 1 in the image gallery a proper title because WordPress will pull the featured image or homepage thumbnail from the first image in the gallery, not from the content itself.  Otherwise, the image file name will appear on the homepage, which happens to be one of those miniscule, but annoying, pet peeves of mine.

Images and Links

Remember to remove the link from an image unless you are linking to a page or post within your website or linking out to an authority website because if you don’t, your site visitors will inadvertently click on the image and jump out of the post or page they are in and may not be able to find their way back.

Also, make sure that you click off  ‘open in a new window’ under ‘image advance settings’ in WordPress or your site visitors will follow the image link , leave your website and be gone like the wind.

Give Site Visitors a User Experience They’ll Remember

I recommend that you build up your media library with recyclable, eye-catching images that will visually ignite your editorial content and give your site visitors a user experience they’ll remember.

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