Content optimization and formatting service, Optimized Content servicesThe landscape of the Internet has changed a lot in the past few years and so has the way people do business on it. More and more businesses are realizing that if they want to compete and stay in the game, they better hop on the SEO blogging and Social Media band wagon.

That being said, not everyone has the time, skills, desire, inclination and wherewithal  to generate fresh and engaging content on a consistent basis. 

Wordsmith Hats

As a  professional SEO content writer, WordPress website developer, WordPress trainer and SEO blogging coach I wear a variety of wordsmith hats and I also happen to have a pretty good understanding of how the Internet works. 

I consider myself a WordPress and SEO blogging expert” and I will take on anyone who wants to give me a tongue whoop-in hard time for saying it. Folks, please don’t get your panties in a bunch. “Expert”  is one of those ‘loaded gun words’ and to be honest,  it took a lot of hard knocks, sweat equity and confidence building to even make that claim and at this point, I feel that I’ve earned my wings. 

One thing I know for sure is that the best content comes from one’s own personal experience and expertise. That’s the stuff great blog posts are made of and what your site visitors will resonate with the most. And who else is more qualified to write about that stuff then yours truly? I say, write your own content if you can but if you absolutely must hire a content writer, make sure they are a bonafide writer and have search engine optimization and Internet formatting experience under their belt. Anyone who blogs can call them self a “writer. ” Ask for examples of their work and thoroughly check them out.

Online Content Writers verses Internet Content Spinners

The truth is that not all content writers are created equal. There I’ve said it and yes it may sound arrogant and a bit snotty but it’s the truth. A lot of people are now peddling their optimized content services online who are not qualified to call themselves a “writer” or a “search engine optimization expert.”  I call them “content spinners” because that’s what they really are. They don’t write original content. Why bother doing that when you can scrape, borrow and steal content from other websites and claim it as your own and that’s exactly what they do.

Content Spinners are Not Driven by the Love of Words or a Passion for Writing

True writers are driven by the love of words and a passion for writing. Content spinners are not. For them it’s an easy way to make a fast buck online and a numbers game. Basically, the more content they can bang out in the shortest amount of time humanly possible, the more money goes in their pocket.  Sorry folks, content spinners that churn out mediocre content like there’s no tomorrow make my stomach churn and leave a bad taste in my mouth. They give real writers a very bad rap and they certainly don’t make great bloggers. 

Content Spinners Come Cheap, But What do You Really Get?

You can actually buy a content spinner pretty cheap. Some charge $20 bucks or less to pump out a 500 word article. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for and a $20 article is going to be just that.  In my experience (and I have written hundreds of articles about everything under the sun), a well-researched article with links, images, proper formatting and optimization takes a good three hours if done right.

If you do the math, a $20 article comes out to aproximately $6.65 per hour, give or take a penney or two. No one with talent and a life is going to prostitute their time for that amount of money unless they are desperate. Do you really want a desperate person as your content writer?  And think about it –  if  you put filler content that screams of amateurism on your website, do you really think your site visitors are going to read it, be impressed and say “Let’s do business together?”  I think not.  

The minute (or less) site visitors realize your content is of the “el stinko” variety, they’re gonna move on in search of better content elsewhere.  Bottom line – don’t buy cheap content unless you get a thrill out of gambling with your online presence and livelihood.

Write for People Not Search Engine Spiders and Bots

Whether you like it or not, content optimization is a must if you want to get found online for the topics you blog about and who doesn’t want that?  Therefore a comprehensive content plan should be an important part of your online marketing strategy and every bit as important as the attention you give to SEO.  If you think about it, the only thing that really separates content generation from SEO is bad content and if you put bad content up on your website, you might as well shoot yourself in the SEO foot.   

In my opinion, optimized content void of  substance is kind of like (pardon my French) ‘polishing a turd,’ and will only take you so far.  At one time or another, we’ve all come across repugnant marketing fluff and we may have even written some of it ourselves.  Well, all I can say is that you may be able to drive traffic to your site with  un-amazing optimized content but you can forget about cashing in with big numbers and dollar signs in the traffic conversion department.  You  can also forget about other websites linking to your un-amazing content as well as search engines perceiving your site as a reliable source of trustworthy information, otherwise known as an authority site.  No matter how you look at it, quality content should be the primary focus of your online marketing strategy and what matters most.

The Left Brain Mechanics of Internet Writing

I call optimization and usability formating  “the left brain mechanics of Internet writing” and yes, these skills are important if  you want to land on page one of Google and get found online for the topics you write about.  However, if your content is lack luster to begin with, left brain optimization mechanics won’t really do you much good.  You see, when Internet users take their precious time to search Google and find you in the index, they fully expect to be rewarded with informative, quality content that is entertaining and enjoyable to read – so you better be prepared to deliver the goods, otherwise, they’ll be gone in two shakes and a wink of an eye.

Optimization and Usability Formatting Services  

For those of you who prefer to be hands-on and write your own content, I give you two thumbs up and a high five.  That being said, you may enjoy blogging and even be good at it, but when it comes to optimization and usability formatting, which happens to be one of my wordsmithing specialties, you may need a little support and a helping hand. That is why I offer content optimization and usability formatting services and will even publish your content for you on WordPress if you like.  All you have to do is send me what I call a “creative brain dump” of your thoughts and ideas and I will take it from there and do my SEO formatting magic.

I also teach folks how to transform their own posts into  professionally, optimized and formatted articles that include all the bells and whistles such as supportive heading tags; eye catching optimized images; embedded video; Google maps for geo-targeting;  inter-linked posts and pages; outbound  links to relevant authority sites; SEO meta titles and enticing SERP descriptions and of course content optimization, which by the way has nothing to do with keyword stuffing – don’t like to write keyword stuffed content and I certainly don’t like to read it.

Over the years I have literally trained hundreds of people how to blog effectively on WordPress. I offer extensive WordPress training and SEO blog coaching for anyone who would like to kick up their business blogging and online presence to the next level. My motto and what I tell all my clients is  “Write for people, then optimize for search engines – always in that order.”  Do both well and you have the recipe for online success in your back pocket.

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