Enforcing Harsh Blogging Quotas Does NOT Make You a Better Blogger

If you are a professional writer and that is ALL you do for your bread and butter each day, then I would say that one post per day is a reasonable request because I have done it for years. 

That being said, as a professional SEO business blogger, I can only pump out 2 (at the max) well researched, quality SEO business blog posts per day, and that’s about it.

For most people however, blogging is not your day job and even though it may be an important part of how you promote your business online, it is only one very small fraction of what fills up your busy day.  Quite frankly, one astute SEO business blog post is a very tall order in my book, from one who has many years of experience writing for a living and blogging for a variety of industries.

Granted, I am not JUST a quick and dirty blogger when I write for my clients. I don’t write fluffy, generic posts like the offshore, outsourced content you can buy for $20 bucks or less from India or the Philippines.  I write real, engaging, well researched content that have all the bells and whistles of professional journalism.  That takes a lot of  mental and creative energy.

Enforcing Unrealistic Blogging Quotas

Enforcing the “one post per day” rule is like having a drill sergeant/task master in your ear that does not care about your personal well being in the slightest.  And if you are like most people out there, you have a family, friends, hobbies and other pressing needs that you must also attend to.  Balance equals a happy human being and pumping out one SEO business blog post per day may not be possible if you are not like me and your life is already filled to the brim.

Just for the record, enforcing harsh blogging quotas does NOT make you a better blogger. Great blog posts are a mix of intellect and creativity. Creative flow has a mind of its own and when you force it, creativity recoils and disappears.  An engaging blog post is both creative AND intelligent and anything less will miss the mark with your readers.  My advice is to be easy on yourself, don’t enforce unrealistic SEO business blogging quotas and you will be a better blogger for it!

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