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 online success, seo blogging tips, wordpress seo blogging tipsHi everyone who has ever read my ultra-wordiness and strong opinions about SEO blogging – what works and what does not.

We  have literally written over 500 articles about how to blog effectively on WorPress, how to build topic authority for search engine placement, and how to garner locale geo-targeted marketing success.

We are very proud of our own search engine placement and if you read the articles on Get Found Now, you will pretty much know what we know about how to make it happen online.

We Practice What We Preach

When and if you have the time or inkling, type into Google the following search terms:  real estate content writer, seo content services, wordpress seo blogging expert, optimized content services and seo blogging tips (SEO, geo-targeted content services, optimized content writer, optimized blog content writer, etc.

The reason why we have such great placement for these terms is because we practice what we preach.  Think about it. Why on earth would anyone want to hire a WordPress Genesis SEO website design and content writing company that doesn’t have the wherewithal to garner results for their own website?

There are a lot of online helpers and experts out there who lack experience and knowledge, even with the best of intentions. Before you hire anyone to take command of your online presence, make sure they have a solid understanding of WordPress, online marketing and SEO  that won’t bite you in the next Google update.

Intra-Linked Website Content Equals Success

Everything we do revolves around a professional and cohesive front and back-end game plan on a WordPress Genesis framework. We focus on quality content (intra-linking pages to pages, posts to pages and posts to posts). We subscribe 100% to  intra-linking content within a website rather than vying for or “buying inbound links” which happens to be a big red flag when it comes to Google updates.  Intra-linking is why we rank high for just about every search term we go after and why the WordPress websites we develop for our clients flourish in the index so quickly.

  online success, seo blogging tips, wordpress seo blogging tips
Online Integrity

If you read our SEO blogging and WordPress tips, you will see that we are about online integrity, not SEO trickery in any way, shape or form. Hence the reason why and our client websites have yet to be affected negatively by Google updates.

Here are just a Few Articles about WordPress, SEO and Blogging

And many more out there in the index ….

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