Competition is the nature of the game when it comes to the Internet. The better your search engine placement, the more your competitors will try and rip off your content, steal your ideas and even take your branding. Competitors will spend an absurd amount of time and energy on what you are doing rather than focus on building their own online presence.

Leave Your Competitors to Their Own Demise!

When it comes to competitors nipping at your heels, my best advice is to ignore them, especially those that play dirty, blog about you and go after you on low brow websites like, etc.  Just for the record, that kind of behavior does not attract business.  When people visit a website or blog, they are basically looking for useful information and how they will benefit from your expertise, products or services. What they are not interested in is reading a lot of negative tripe about someone else. Negativity begets negativity and exposes competitive desperation.

Give it all you Got – That’s How You get Business!

Michael and I have successfully branded “Get Found Now“over the last 8 years. Ironically, we have done such a good job of branding Get Found Now that our name is now a Google Ad search term and guess who has purchased the top Google ad for Get Found Now? – “Hubspot’s Website Grader.” Not bad for a husband and wife team!  That being said, we have many competitors vying for our search engine placement, which happens to be excellent.

So, are we unhappy that “Get Found Now” is an officially sought after ad word?  Heck no. Our domain name is gaining more and more value by the day because of it. When competitors ride on our coat tails and use “Get Found Now” in their meta titles and heading titles, they are actually doing us a huge service because they are driving up the value of our domain name – Cha-ching!  And for those who tag certain search terms along with our name, while viciously blogging about us, we also thank you because you are driving up our placement for those terms tenfold! 

We focus on our own business and don’t give hoot about our competitors. We keep our noses to the grindstone and remain unscathed because we know that our reputation and client testimonials speak fort themselves.

For the rest of you, keep on writing amazing posts that speak to people from your own level of expertise. And remember, if competitors shoot you down and try and take what you have worked hard for, it’s because they are unable to create what you are able to create. They wouldn’t be messing with you if they didn’t see you as a threat,  so take it as a compliment!

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