Living Online – Throw me a Life PreserverBefore the Internet, before radio and before TV, there was only print media. That was the only source of news that people had access to outside the township they lived in and sometimes they had to wait weeks to get it. Within the township, gossip took the place of CNN.

So, what exactly is the www? Mostly, it’s the opinion of gossip to the extreme and those who survive on the www are subject to the same extreme – prejudice, defamation, competition, blatant infringement and the list goes on.

That being said, how does one succeed in the online TRENCHES of the www? – By continuing to provide original, outstanding, useful and engaging content. You put it out first, you own it. The other piece of online success is not going where the bottom feeders go, no matter what. I’m talking about the ones that can’t create for themselves so they go after what you got.

If you have a following and/or placement in the index and are making your competition sit up and take notice, prepare to have your content spinned, scraped and scrubbed like Momma washed your mouth out with soap. Also, get ready for the mud slinging, branding rip off artists and defamation posts written about you, your company and your mother.

Online communities and public forums are great for exposure and marketing, but your competitors may not have the same morals, standards and scruples as you and they’ll come out of the wood work and go after you to protect their turf.  Words to the wise –  if you engage, retaliate or get into the mud with these folks, you will regret it. I’ve been there, done that and have the stupid looking t-shirt to prove it.  Live and learn – never do it again.  From experience, stay away from ugly, online mud slingers like the plague and promote fruitful discussion on your blog because that’s all that site visitors and search engines really care about.    

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