Mother’s Day at it’s Best!

Mother's Day is the Best!

Mothers Day is my absolute favorate special day of the year.  It’s better than birthdays as those have gotten tedious over the years, nothing more than a contstant reminder that I’m growing older.  Mother’s Day, on the hand, is all about the love we share with our children, who we love unconditionally and could not think of a life worth living with out them.

Personally, I have never been a very traditional person when it comes to holidays thrusted upon me by Hallmark Greeting cards and mass marketing in the name of consumerism.  Our family chooses to celebrate said holidays in our own special way and rather low key.  That being said, we create celebrations for honoring one another, great moments we share, rights of passage, and the goodness and awesomeness of life in general.

Our most recent celebration was my husband, Michael’s, return home after being in the hospital for ten days. This past Easter Sunday was spent wearing surgical masks, gowns and gloves while visiting him in isolation with a contagious infection. Easter was a perfect day and a cause for celebration, nonetheless, because we were able to spend it together as a family and there was lots of love flowing in the room.  

We also recently celebrated my twelve year old son, Vincent’s, new braces.  The day before he got them,  we went out and ordered two racks of ribs and corn on the cob, two things he loves and won’t be able to eat for the next couple of years. A right of passage and a celebration worth honoring par none.

Today has been a perfect Mother’s day because I am blessed with a family I love.  We just got back from a local dive chowing down Mexican food. I was then presented with a beautiful card from my twelve year twins, Vincent and Noel.  No, it wasn’t a store bought Mother’s Day card from the Hallmark store. They proudly presented me with a three-dimensional diorama made of hand-made origami they had been secretly working on in Noel’s bedroom with a do not enter sign the door. It was absolutely beautiful and of course I cried mother’s tears.

I will cherich this gift along with all the other perfect gifts they have given me over the years – Christmas tree ornaments made out Popsicle sticks, pencil holders (50 at least) , lopsided pottery dishes, tree looking things wrapped in celephane and lots of other cool stuff – they are my pride and joy possessions.

I hope all you Mothers out there are having fabulous, blessed day with your kids. I know I am.  Life is good!

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