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Most of us get our blogging inspiration from a million and one different directions. We have an experience (good or bad) that is worth sharing. We get inspired by someone else’s words, hear a great song on the radio, read a soulful poem, watch a great movie or we’re moved  by an incredible painting .

The trick behind inspired blogging is to free flow and allow whatever wells up from the inmost recesses of your being to bubble up and out.

Quality Content Equals Better Website Rankings

Better website rankings equal better placement in the SERPs and one of the best ways to improve your website rankings is to write original, quality content for real people, not search engines. When others enjoy your posts, they will link back to you from their website, comment and share your content via Social Media.  Believe it or not, the most human stories, whether theyre amusing, enlightening or even humiliating hit home with more readers than pure marketing SEO marketing fodder, and I think you know the kind I’m talking about.

SEO blogging done right starts with inspired, quality content. If you give it all you got from the inside out and build up your topic authority (the goal) honestly, smartly and with integrity, instead off focusing on SEO trickery, your ultimate reward will be great placement in the SERPs for the topics you blog about as well as traffic conversion. When you write content that REAL PEOPLE resonate with and enjoy reading, they will comment, link back to you from their website and share your content with others via Social Media.  Google likes discussion.

SEO Blogging Inspiration – “Different Strokes for Different Folks”

Everyone is different, no doubt about it, and as the saying the old saying goes “different strokes for different folks,” especially when it comes to SEO blogging inspiration.  For me, it’s about music and art. And although this post may be a wee bit different than most posts about SEO blogging, I am going to offer you a few of my favorite music videos that get me to that inspired place … you know the one.

And yes, we all have our own personal tastes in music, but if you could put aside your opinions for few a minutes and just listen …then go and write an amazing blog post, if the spirit moves you 😉

The first video is John Butler playing “Ocean.”  One man and a guitar that will blow your mind and hopefully inspire you too.  John Butler Trio – Ocean (Live at Federation Square)

And then there is Adele – a voice of an Angel, a soulful poet and an amazing singer-song writer.  This is one happens to be one of my personal favorites for blogging inspiration.  Adele – Someone Like You (Album Version)

Very very nice.

Inspired, quality content that people enjoy reading that also builds topic authority rules when it comes to search engine placement – not SEO trickery. Get inspired and if you write from from your integrity,your gut and your heart,  you will rein supreme in the index.

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