Not all Real Estate Blogging is Created EqualA real estate blog is not going to perform any mojo magic for you in the search engine placement  result pages (SERPS) unless you commit to rolling up your sleeves and write on a regular basis. A blog is akin to a garden that must be consistently nurtured, watered and tended to. Otherwise, it will not grow and produce a bountiful harvest – a.k.a. traffic and leads.

BLOG is a noun – a static thing and the real meaning of the acronym B L O G is better listings on Google. BLOGGING on the other hand is an action verb and that’s what needs to happen if you want to see results in the SERPs. I’m not talking about once a week or when and if the spirit moves you.

You must make blogging a definitive part of your day job – or night job if you’re a creative night crawler like me. The “big boy and girl bloggers” out there understand that fresh content rules in the SERPs and you must commit to blogging at least two to three times per week if you want to compete and stay in the game.

Engaging Content

That beings said, there are quintessential elements to effective blogging that will not only reap you results in the SERPS but convert traffic to leads and it all starts with engaging content. You may get visitors to your site with stellar SEO mechanics, but if your visitors don’t stick around long enough to read your content and contact you, what’s the point?  Rich, engaging content is the most important component of your blogging practice.

When you have powerful tools like a self-hosted WordPress blog and the power of ActiveRain at your disposal, you can not fail if you provide unique, quality, optimized content

Diversified Content Plan

One of the traps that many Realtors fall into is only blogging about their properties for sale. Property blogging is pure real estate marketing and definitely serves it’s purpose, but you also need a mix of engaging content that people can relate to. You want a diversified content plan that includes blogging about area events, news, lifestyle, market reports, seller and buyer tips, economics, schools, employment, etc.

Blogging & SEO 

Blogging can be fun but effective blogging also takes work and a bit of SEO know how.  I always say to flush out a killer post then go back and optimize  when you are not attached to your masterpiece. Optimization doesn’t always flow off the tip of your tongue or sound eloquent, so don’t bother trying to mix SEO mechanics into the ebb of your creative flow.  Write then optimize – always in that order.

Above the Fold

You also want to keep pertinent information in your post above the fold and “sticky” because that’s where site visitors look and you only have about a minute or less to grab their attention.

We have managed websites that get over10,000 clicks a day and 80% of them were clicks above the fold, so make sure that information about you personally is up there where it counts.  People want to know who they are dealing with, not just property search links and marketing info, so be personable above the fold.

Blog Links

When it comes to links in your blog, there are some free tools available that will show you exactly what links are clicked on and the best one is the Google site overlay available in Google Analytics.  This will show you the percentage of how many users click on your links with an actual map of your website behind it.

While marketing tactics and search engines are important, they are useless if your website doesn’t convert. Effective real estate blogging starts with engaging content for real people.

Search Engine Optimization and Quality Content – The Best of Both Worlds!

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