I’ll be the first to say that I’m not your typical WordPress SEO blog coach.

I’m a little bit different, no doubt about it, kind of wacky (not flaky, mind you) and intensely focused on being my best for YOU, and yes, I do have a few other personality quirks thrown into the mix.

Don’t we all?

Most Importantly, I Give a Hoot

That goes for every person that takes my WordPress training and SEO blog coaching program. I have a single minded agenda, which is to impart everything I know so that YOU shine online in the most amazing and brilliant way!

Hours in the day? … never enough, as far as I’m concerned, and definitely no time to waste on feel good, flowery euphemisms or telling folks what they want to hear instead of what they need to know to be successful online.

I will admit that my SEO blog coaching style is forthright and get to the heart of the matter.  I pretty much tell it like it is and probably would have made a pretty good rah-rah football coach, if I knew anything about the game, which I honestly don’t.

There is No Time to Dillydally Around with Your Online Presence

When it comes to WordPress, however, I can answer just about any question you put in front of me and resolve any issue at hand, nip it in the bud and get the job done toot de suit, as in right away.  Folks, there’s no time to dillydally around when it comes to fortifying your online presence and in my opinion, that’s a full time job in itself.

Yep, I do know my way around WordPress and that includes how to get results in the index and convert the traffic you generate, through your own amazing blogging efforts, to leads.

Got a weak link in your SEO blogging game plan that needs a little fixing?  Give me a call today!

WordPress Website Design • WordPress Training and Coaching • Optimized Content Services• Internet Usability and SEO Content Formatting Services

We specialize in WordPress Genesis Website Design and offer the following services:

  • State-of-the-art WordPress Genesis website design
  • WordPress theme upgrades and performance overhauls
  • WordPress back-end configuration and usability tune-ups
  • Website conversion to WordPress
  • WordPress conversion to Genesis
  • Comprehensive WordPress training and SEO blog coaching
  • Optimized content Services
  • Internet usability and SEO formatting services
  • Social networking set up and game plan

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WordPress/Genesis and WordPress SEO Blog Coaching and Training

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