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 My name is Victoria Stankard. You might have heard about me, or maybe not – LOL.  I’m not a rock star by any means.

What I am is a professional blog writer and one of the industries I blog the most about is U.S. real estate markets and related real estate type articles.

As an example, here is a parking site in Baltimore, Maryland: It’s a real estate site with a cool twist that is focused on inner city parking options. My biz partner (total WordpPress guru and super terrific guy) and I built the site and now I am writing up the page and article content. Yep, it’s still a work in progress mind you, but it’s coming together quite spectacularly on all fronts from usability to SEO.

Online Marketing Expertise

I feel like a birth mother on this one because the owner, Baltimore real estate agent extraordinaire, Ron Monk, has years of marketing behind his belt and really knows his stuff.  He is a gem and a joy to work with.

Gosh, these are the fun types of clients I want to work with all the time. They keep me on me toes and give me professional leeway to make it happen for them. Full appreciation and getting paid for doing what you love to do –  How good is that?

Always the Best Content  Possible is My Motto

I have never really wanted to pigeon hole myself into one target market such as real estate or whatever cause I’ve written about so many markets and follow the same successful writing game plan and optimization criteria for each one.

That being said, it all starts with writing for PEOPLE, not search engines,  and I immerse myself within every different type of market I write about. Trust me, I do my due diligence research so that I produce the very best content possible – Content that will reach the most people – and always written for people first, then optimized for search engines.

I consider myself somewhat of an armchair traveler at best and a creative journalist that not only cares, but  loves to write about interesting and news worthy topics.  And just so you know that when I write,  my most heartfelt desire is to be genuinely helpful to people with good online information they can actually benefit from in their daily lives.

Online Fluffy Stuff

As a writer, online fluffy BS content holds absolutely no interest to me and quite frankly is a total bore to write. And like a lot of the fluff  fodder you will find online, it doesn’t contribute to people’s lives in a way that matters or makes one blink of a difference in the big picture.

I want to be a contributor in this world with words that actually matter and speak to people, no matter how big or small and have found that what may appear like the small stuff can actually make the biggest difference and that’s the stuff that I’m all about.

Hire Me Info

If you would like to hire me to write your website marketing copy then give me a call. I am a professional journalist/copywriter and very good at what I do. I am available for website page and ongoing original blog article content.

Although I don’t like to outsource, I will if you are on a tight budget. I happen to have good writers on my team who can do the research and write. I then go back in and edit, format and optimize each and every page and article, utilizing my secret sauce for your online success.  I can also train you or your staff/team writers how to follow my SEO and content topic authority building game plan.

My SEO content plan is a winning plan that includes great content and keyword/specific long tail search terms that you can actually get and own in the index for your specific target market. Let’s go!!!

WordPress/Genesis Website Design, Training, Coaching and the Best SEO Content Services Online!

We have years of experience in online marketing and all aspects of WordPress and offer the following services:

If you are ready to get serious about your online presence, would like more information about our services or would like a free quote, please fill out the online contact form or give us a call at 813.782.1619.  We look forward to speaking with you!

About Victoria Stankard

Victoria Stankard has been an online SEO content writer for a variety of markets across the nation since 2006. Specializing in optimized content marketing strategies and owner of a successful organic search engine optimization company, Victoria writes for real people with "The Optimized Edge" - putting you on the map and more!

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