Most folks separate their blogging activity into two different camps – pleasure blogging and business blogging.  But, they really don’t have to be on opposite sides of the fence. 

Pure pleasure blogging is a great outlet for sharing ideas, networking with fellow cohorts, tooting your own horn and basically having a good ole time expressing yourself with words. You can blog about what turns you on, what makes you laugh and even blog about what ticks you off!  

You can play with creative, catchy titles, images and videos and basically let your creative juices flow without having to think about business blogging protocol like SEO. 

The essence of pleasure blogging is engaging content, which also happens to be the essential ingredient for successful, SEO business Blogging.  

With SEO business blogging, there is a certain amount of creative restraint, business protocol and professional decorum you will need to adhere to that you don’t have to follow with pure pleasure blogging.  You will also need to optimize your content with good keywords without sounding like you’re writing for the search engines – a huge turn off.  

Last but not least, you will need to entice web users to employ your services or buy your products with well written, informative and engaging content.  Quality content is the cornerstone of a powerful online business presence and if you love to write, you already have the makings for SEO business blogging success!  

It really isn’t all that difficult to turn pleasure blogging into successful SEO business blogging with a few SEO blogging tips under your belt. Personally, I love to blog about my business, which happens to be about SEO blogging and I love to teach others how to become better at it themselves. 

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You don’t have to be an SEO expert to be successful at SEO business blogging if you can wrap your head around a few SEO blogging basics. On GET FOUND NOW, we give away tons of SEO blogging tips for non-SEO experts, written by Victoria (a.k.a. SEO Bloggng Diva), and SEO server technology information for webmasters, written by Michael Stankard (SEO Internet Cowboy).  Learn more about SEO blogging and why quality, SEO content generation is the answer for top, organic search engine placement!   

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