It is an amazing SEO achievement to land on the glory page of Google – no doubt about it.  As website owners, business owners and digital marketers, we all strive for that highly sought after position. That being said, one of the biggest misconceptions about SEO content marketing is that SEO is more important than delivering high quality content – relevant information that has merit and value and that converts traffic.

Don’t get me wrong – I agree 100% that SEO is a must-have iin order to drive traffic to your site, but it’s not the end all be all when it comes to effective content marketing.  Smart SEO can get you decent placement in the index, but it doesn’t inspire searchers to click on your content title in the search results or read your content or convert your traffic to sales.

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High quality content has three distinct layers that work together as a cohesive whole.  And if one of these layers is amiss, it will inveriably affect your “burgeoning bottom line” – as in traffic, conversion and sales.

  • The first layer is the actual content itself, which includes:  Dynamic titles: engaging, information-rich text; usability formatting; eye-catching images, info graphics, videos, maps, charts, etc.
  • The second layer is on-page SEO, which includes meta tiles, meta descriptions, heading tags (h2,h3,h4), internal linking, proper url structure, image alt text, keywords, geotargeting, etc.
  • The third layer is conversion optimization or call to action, such as:  Call NOW for…, Sign up Now for our FREE…, Take advantage of our one time only… etc. as well as contact information, links to online contact forms, registration forms, sign up forms, etc.

Although we highly recommend that you focus on the first layer (creating quality content) before embarking on the other two layers –  all three must be included in the mix if you want your content to be found in the search results and your traffic to convert to leads and sales.

Creating a Layer of Information-rich Text

When you begin developing a web page, focus on creating relevant, high quality content that will engage your readers and keep them on the page long enough to do something or take action.  Allow yourself to simply brain storm your ideas without getting too hung up on the proper use of grammar, punctuation, formatting or even spelling for that matter.  At this stage, don’t even think about the SEO or conversion optimization.  Also keep in mind that you are not writing a thesis paper, manuscript or text book here – you are simply flushing out one single web page of amazing content.

Organizing Larger Topics

If you have a lot to say about a particular topic, it isn’t necessary, or even beneficial to include every single thing you know about said topic within one web page.  Rather, include only the most relevant and salient points that support the main title and save the rest of your great ideas for another juicy web page down the road.  You can even create a series of articles and add links to them under a subheading of “Related Articles.” Tying together articles this way will not only help build up your overall “topic authority” for the topic at hand, it will also prevent overwhelming your readers with too much information to comprehend at one time, a.k.a., “information overload.”

Visual Appeal and Formatting Go Hand in Hand

When it comes to marketing, first impressions are everything, especially on the web.  A quality web page that is considered a trustworthy source of useful information should also be visually appealing.  And when it comes to content formatting, avoid large blocks of text without spacial breaks as they can be disconcerting and a potential turn off to site visitors.

You can break up text and add visual appeal with the use of eye catching images, videos, maps, charts, etc.  I also recommend creating shorter paragraphs that are easy to scan.  Descriptive  subheading tags can also be used to break up blocks of text and large topics into bite size chunks of information.

Adding the Layer of Conversion Optimization

Once you have finished creating relevant and valuable content in order to attract and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience, the next step is adding the layer of conversion optimization.  The objective of conversion optimization is to turn website visitors into customers by driving profitable customer action.  Conversion rate is defined by the number of visitors to a website who take action, beyond a casual content view or website visit, as a result of subtle or direct action requests.

For example, conversion optimization for a real estate web page might include the following call-to-action prompts:  requesting site visitors to fill out an online contact form; or download a free home buyers guide; or speak to an agent via live chat; or request an appointment or call back; or request a free home evaluation; or sign up for automated new listings email; or request more information by filling out a lead form; or search homes via MLS property search link, just to name a few.

Adding the Layer of SEO 

Once the first and second layer of content marketing are complete, it’s now time to focus on search engine optimization.  By adding the SEO layer last, the content remains focused on relevant information and call-to-action for a designated target audience, a.k.a., actual people – rather than search engines, spiders and bots.

The SEO layer includes items such as: Geo-targeted (if applicable) keywords/keyword phrases (specific ratio per word count); page-to-page internal page linking; image alt text; h2, h3 and h4 heading tags that support the h1 title tag; outbound links to authority sites; url structure; meta titles; meta descriptions; etc.

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