I’d like to start out by saying that as a full-time, professional real estate blogger and real estate community profile writer, I’ve written thousands of real estate articles, and it still amazes me how many I’ve actually published over the years and all the different markets I’ve had the privilege to write about.

A  typical work week for me will usually start out in one part of the country and by the end of the week, I’ll have covered at least 10 different states and markets nationwide. The diversity definitely keeps me on my toes as every location has its own distinct personality, culture, flavor, and differences.  I get to learn about all the different cities, towns, and communities as well as the people living in them, which I happen to find quite fascinating.

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There is no one template that I could possibly use for every market I write about because each one is unique and requires a different point of departure.  Real estate blogging is not just about buying and selling houses. It also includes covering relevant topics such as local demographics, lifestyle, the economy, climate, geography, architecture, parks, schools, culture, points of interest, recreation, and so much more.

Here is an example of a recent article about a community in the Phoenix metro area:  Power Ranch Homes for Sale Gilbert AZ | Power Ranch Real Estate Gilbert AZ (be sure to click on the “Read more about Power Ranch homes for sale & lifestyle!…”  link). Here is another article example about The Movie Colony, an iconic neighborhood in Palm Springs, CA: The Movie Colony Homes for Sale Palm Springs CA.

You might say that I am the consummate armchair traveler.  I could literally start my day in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania and by the end of my day have traveled the map to Las Vegas, NV, Palm Springs, CA, Boston, MA and Phoenix, AZ.  And this would be a typical day of real estate blogging for me!

As I travel to these different locations, I must write about them ‘as if’ I’m a local authority as well as a local real estate expert, whether I’m blogging about real estate in Kalamazoo, Seattle, or Timbuktu!  In other words, I need to sound like I know what ‘I’m talking about as well as write in local speak (idioms, vocabulary, and phrasing) or I’ll miss the mark with my target audience.

How I accomplish not sounding like a ‘foreigner’ wherever I’m writing about is by doing my due diligence in the research department and also by immersing myself in the area before I even begin to blog about it.  Typically, my clients will hire me to write a series of articles within a specific geo-targeted area so I usually become pretty familiar with the particulars of that area when all is said and done.

For example, If I’m writing about Boston, I know the different neighborhoods, the street grid, and where things are generally located throughout the city, mainly from just researching and writing about Boston so many times. This helps when I’m talking about a particular condo building, featured property, local event or some other relevant topic of interest, as I can write as though I actually live there.

Of course, all of this is second nature by now and my primary focus remains steadfast on how to effectively convey the topic at hand, garner the most area and topic authority I possibly can, and deliver quality (uniquely valuable) content to my target audience that will ultimately elicit a positive take action response.

Once I am done writing what I consider to a worthy real estate post, the next step is search engine optimization, which to me is akin to a mathematical formula – mechanical and more left brain. The flushing out of a juicy article, on the other hand, is the creative part of the blogging equation.  And when you hit the nail on the head with both, your real estate articles show up at the top of the organic search results and generate leads for your clients, which, of course, is the ultimate goal!

Below are a few examples of real estate articles and community profiles that I wrote for a variety of real estate markets:

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experienced real estate blogging and community profile writing services – call us today! (813) 312-5606

The more pages and posts you have on your website about your local real estate market, the better –  content that reflects your professionalism, local expertise, and brand as well as content that your target audience will resonate with and take action on!

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