You may be asking “what the heck is a content plan?” Don’t fret if you’ve never thought about this before, but you may want to start thinking about the topics you blog about on a weekly basis.

I suggest that you create a plan and mix up your bag of tricks or topics. Think of your content plan as part of your online business plan.

Let’s say for example, that you blog three times per week on average and if you’re able to do so, more power to you!

Personally, I write about 2 posts per week and feel pretty good about fulfilling my blogging quota.  I mix it up with posts about WordPress, straight up SEO and blogging tips.

That being said, I have paid my dues over the years and have achieved enough blog authority to where I consistently get search engine placement for the topics I write about.

It’s not so much the  about the amount of blogging you do that builds up your blog authority and website ranking. Rather, it has more to do with blogging smartly with a smart content plan. If you want to increase your blog authority and website ranking, you need those juicy inbound links.  So, the proverbially question is – “how do I get them?”  Do I buy them? Do I syndicate my articles to other sites and hope to get the highly sought after “do follow” link juice?

The best way to get inbound links is to write engaging content that people enjoy reading and link back to. And for all you real estate brothers and sisters out there, I suggest that you implement a content plan that includes at least two of the following posts per week:

  • Focused Search Term Posts
  • Real Estate Market Reports and Newsy Information Posts
  • Geo-targeted Lifestyle and Event posts

Focused Search Term Posts – First of all, you can not neglect the SEO part of your bogging.  There are search terms you need to own in order to be successful.  Each week, you should try and focus on at least one search term and write a post around it. However, Don’t make the mistake of blogging for strictly for search engine placement. In other words, don’t write keyword stuffed fodder that doesn’t convert.

You also don’t want to load up a post with a lot of different search terms.  Stick to one or two “big daddy” search terms and try and include those search terms in supportive heading tags of your h1 (title) tag within the post at least two, maybe three times (depending on length of your post).  Truthfully, that’s all you really need for content optimization.

Real Estate Market Reports and Newsy Information Posts – Write a well researched, astute real estate market report or write about some other newsy, local or national real estate topic. Don’t forget to use your best investigative journalism talents, cite your article sources and be the authority.  Again, the goal is not only to get search engine placement, but write in such a way that people enjoy reading your post  and link back to you.

Find something interesting going on in your geo-targeted area and blog about it. Geo-targeted Lifestyle and Event Posts – This is where you can let your creative juices flow. Find something interesting going on in your geo-targeted area and write about it, such as a hip gallery opening, a charity event, a fabulous new restaurant, a wine tasting, a concert, a town parade, an architectural tour or whatever.

Be engaging, be witty and most importantly, be yourself.  People really like these types of posts and will re-tweet, re-blog, Facebook like and link back to your post from their own blog.

While you are at it, throw in a property search, some market info, your marketing plug or contact information (always) and anything else real estate related that you deem appropriate.

Jane Peters, a fellow ActiveRain member, does a great job of this.  If I was to deconstruct one of her posts, and I do all the time as examples for my clients, they are perfect. Check her out at

In summary, you will maximize your blogging efforts if you start out each week with a content plan. Of course, leave some room in there for spontaneity. Inspired topics that come out of the blue are usually the most engaging to your readers!

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