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Search Engine Marketing
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Get Found Now is the premium, enterprise-level provider of full service integrated search engine marketing and technology. If you’re seeking to maximize the return on your search engine marketing investment , Get Found Now is your one-stop solution.

We can handle all aspects of your search marketing – from a fully managed service solution to optimizing the performance of your existing campaigns. And we can customize the solution to suit your needs. We offer tried and true methods for Pay Per Click Management.

Combined with our campaign expertise, gained with national and global brand names, we offer your business a powerful SEM solution.Get Found Now is a Google Trusted Feed

Get Found Now is expert at the following advanced SEM content and product management services:

Content Feed

Automated data input from multiple sources, including structured files, URL crawl XML, keywords lists/groups and database catalogue feeds

Adding Context to Content

Intelligent content grouping and filtering rules in order to transform the input data into indexable and relevant content

Integrated Creative

Automated integration of specific fields (like product prices) from your sites content, combinations

Automated Editorial Compliance Automated tools to help increase relevancy by checking Title Word Repetition and Title and Description Length
Output Update Updating your XML feed to the Search Engine as often as is required by our Google Trusted Feed Status
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