Business SEO Blogging Course

Business SEO Blogging Training,

Got a weak link in your SEO blogging game plan that needs immediate fixing?  Top search engine placement and increased conversion of your traffic are easy once you take our business SEO blogging training and follow our proven “SEO Content Strategy for Online Success!”  

Currently, there are over 173 million blogs populating the Web. And more than likely, your competitors are among them, blogging for their share of the market pie.  No longer can businesses today ignore the importance of blogging as a key component of a succesful online markeing stratgey!

High quality SEO content and blogging are key components of a successful online marketing stratgey!

GET FOUND NOW! has over a decade of experience teaching people how to business blog effectively, including on-page SEO and conversion optimization techniques.  Once you take our SEO business blogging training, you’ll be armed with all the skills you need to be an effective business blogger!  Whether you’re just getting your feet wet as a blogger or simply want to improve on what you already know, we’ll help you take your current business blogging skills to the next level – and beyond!

Our professional business blogging course is not for “the weary or faint of heart!”  Be prepared to recieve a boat load of information. That being said, we don’t believe in “socking it to you” to the point of information overload.  Our traininig program is broken down into easy and digestable one-hour sessions.  We want you to absorb what you learn and practice it between training sessions – then come back with additional questions so we can help you fine tune your SEO business blogging skills.

  • Training sessions are one-hour – weekly or bi-weekly – depending on your schedule
  • Training sessions are paid in advance (you’ll get your money’s worth tenfold)

Take our business blogging course and acquire the skills you need to be a “ROCK STAR” business blogger!

Here are the skills you will come away with once you take our Business SEO Blogging Training

  • Learn how to properly format pages and posts for usability and SEO
  • Learn how to create snappy titles or healines
  • Learn how to create and properly use post categories
  • Learn how to create and properly use post tags (a mystery for most folks)
  • Learn how to properly optimize content without key word stuffing (yuck)
  • Learn how to geo-target keywords/keyword phrases and urls
  • Learn how to upload, optimize and insert images/infographics
  • Learn how to use heading tags (h2,h3,h4) for usability and SEO
  • Learn how to create call to ACTION optimization
  • Learn how to create website topic authority for higher rankings
  • Learn how to add pdf files to pages and link them to images
  • Learn how to create custom menus for pages and posts
  • Learn how to create proper SEO meta titles/meta descriptions
  • Learn how to geo-target for specific markets and locales
  • Learn how to add video (embed or link) to pages and posts
  • Learn how to add real estate property search to pages
  • Learn how to create a Buzz with Social Media
  • Feed back and follow up questions promptly addressed by email or phone (9:00 – 6:00 EST)
  • And a whole lot more!

Professional SEO Blog Coaching and Training Rates

  • 2 One-Hour Sessions $150
  • 6 One-Hour Sessions (Package Price) – $400 (highly recommended)

If you are interested in improving your overall blogging skills and learning how to implement a comprehensive SEO content marketing strategy that really works, please give us a call, fill out our online contact form or send us an email today!  Allow us to help you achieve your online goals by taking our business SEO blogging course. You will be glad you did!

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