After a recent post I wrote about SEO blogging and how Google spiders your site, I received a flurry of questions/comments about blogging for the purpose of creating back links or inbound links to a static website or “main website” on a blog that has a separate domain. 

SEO blogging for the purpose of generating inbound links to a static website is a smart move “in theory,” but only if the blog itself has blog authority. Basically, the more authority your blog has, the more “link juice” you’ll get from your back links to your static website and the better your placement will be in the index for the posts you write.

Blogging for People Builds Blog Authority

So, you ask, how does one build up blog authority?  You get it by feeding the search engines a steady stream of on-topic, engaging, informative, optimized blog posts that create discussion (comments and questions that you answer), reblogging, track-backs, pingbacks, tweets (love), facebooks, etc., and people linking to your posts, while blogging on their own blog. 

One of the most important measures for website/blog authority is how many other sites link to it and the more links you have the better your ranking.  Quality links from ‘authoritative sites’ will help build your rank in search engines even more. Inbound links are an indication that your website is a reliable source and has good content. 

So, basically it’s PEOPLE that give you blog authority and if you want your blog to have it, focus on writing quality content that PEOPLE will enjoy reading, then optimize it for the search engines. 

Once you’ve built up a meaty foundation of informative, on-topic posts, you can also write straight up promotional posts about why you are the “man” or “woman” for the job or why your product or service will rock the world!  First, build up blog authority.

Inbound links from a website or blog that has authority will benefit your static or main website – no doubt about it.  Do a good job of building authority for your own blog and it will not only help build authority for your static site, it will dominate your competitors in the SERPs.

Down the road, you may even want to attach a blog to your static or main website as a directory. That way, you are building authority for your website ‘as you write on your blog.’  If you decide to go this route, avoid naming your blog “Blog” in the main nav on your website.  Call it  “Resource Center,” News,” anything but “Blog,” or name it a keyword that you may not have used in your main website domain.

Converting a Static Website to a Dynamic Blog

GET FOUND NOW was a static website that we converted to a WordPress blog a few years ago. We recently upgraded to StudioPress-Genesis, which gave our site a major face lift and we’ve been reaping the benefits in our search engine placement with ever since. 

Keep in mind that not all statc websites are a walk in the park to convert (shopping carts can be troublesome) and if you already have placement, you may not want to ‘upset the shopping cart’ with a static website blog conversion.  In certain cases, we recommend attaching a blog to your website as a directory or SEO blogging on a separate, self-hosted blog.

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Quality Content for People – The Cornerstone of SEO Blogging Success!

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