If you are SEO blogging for search engine placement, it would behoove you to know how Google actually spiders your site. I will try and explain how it all works in simple layman’s terms.

Google employs over one thousand search bots and Goolebot, their main bot, takes care of the main indexing. Googlebot spiders millions of websites at one time and stores the info on a monthly basis much like an ‘Encyclopedia Galactica’ or a ‘Universal Encyclopedia.’

The main Googlebot will spider a website once or bi-monthly, usually over the week-end.  This is the snapshot of your site that’s found in the index.

There are many forms of Googlebots and the most important one for SEO blogging is the freshbot, which visits your site whenever you create new content, update your content (why I always say to “update your content”) or when comments, trackbacks or pingbacks have been added to your content. The freshbot is what keeps you in the index if you update or blog frequently. Google loves discussion (comments) and even Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, says that the #1 way to succeed is through branding and discussion.

If you have a static website (non blog) you can request the bots to revisit your site, utilizing Google Webmaster Tools and XML Sitemaps, and basically, everything you need to know is available in Google Webmaster Central.

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