SEO Blogging - Tough LoveI just got off the phone with a savvy and articulate real estate professional in a very tough market in Florida who expressed the same thing that I hear on a regular basis and it went something like this: 

“I have gone to this and that real estate seminar and listened to umpteen online webinars and they all tell me to do a million and one different things, but none of what they say is cohesive.  I am confused so I have not moved forward with a self-hosted blog and still doing the status quo with my static websites, even though I KNOW I need to be blogging. One expert talks about SEO. The other talks about how important it is to blog and the importance of Social Media. How do I tie the whole shebang into one understandable package?”

Disjointed SEO, “online presence success” information is confusing at best and if you don’t know how to implement what all the “expert SEO pundits” have too say about it, what good is it anyway? The truth is that there are numerous SEO marketing companies on the Internet that are more than willing to HELP you with your online presence, but unfortunately, most only offer a minuscule and inadequate portion of the ENTIRE equation.

I am going to be my typical BLUNT self here because it’s the truth and for your own good. If you want online success, there are no short cuts or quick and easy antidotes to get it. Don’t listen to false promises or half baked, pie in the sky answers because all of that will only confuse you and pretty darn worthless 99.9% of the time. It is YOU that must work hard and write engaging, optimized content at least 2 – 3 times per week.  

SEO SEO Blogging - Tough Love and the Truth!  I could spin doctor my services like all of the other bull sh-tt-er SEO companies out there, but I would be just another one of those bogus liars who are more than ready to take your money.

YES, I can build you a fabuloso WordPress blog and teach YOU how to format your fabulous content so that you get placement, but it is YOU that must be willing to blog at least 2 -3 time per week or hire a top notch SEO content writer (which we can provide) who can blog on your behalf for you.

At the very least, flush out a great post in YOUR own unique and amazing voice and we will format your post so that it gets found in the SERPs. 

My friends, whether you find me callous or blunt, I have spoken the truth. Do you want a bogus post about how we can get you top placement in the SERPs or the real truth?!

Get Found Now will build you a dynamic, User-friendly Wordress system,  and I will personally teach you how to blog effectively on it, but folks, the rest is up to YOU!

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