is My New Baby. Please Send Her Your Love

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SEO Blogging Diva is my new website baby and though I purchased the domain over a year ago, it took awhile to step into my “SEO Blogging Diva” shoes. Well, you who know me also know that I have an off beat, wacky, sardonic and silly side and the audacious claim of being a true blood Diva of any sort is well …  tongue and cheek all the way.

Lady amazing Gaga is out there doing her super cool, freaky, bodacious thing and to be honest, I feel rather comfy in my Diva digs these days. I just gave her a face lift and love the new look , so if you have time, please send her your love.

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace, Victoria

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Victoria Stankard has been an online SEO content writer for a variety of markets across the nation since 2006. Specializing in optimized content marketing strategies and owner of a successful organic search engine optimization company, Victoria writes for real people with "The Optimized Edge" - putting you on the map and more!

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