SEO Business Blogging – YOU Have to Do it YOURSELF

SEO Business Blogging - YOU Have to Do it YOUSELF  This is a post that I resurrected from the archives of my blog post library because I thought it had merit.

You may feel that you don’t have enough time in your 24 hour day to blog, but you need to if you want to compete  with your online competitors, who are blogging

I am a professional SEO business blogging coach. I not only promote my own company, Get Found now, I teach others how to blog effectively for their own niche market.

No, I can’t put the words you need to say about your specific market into your mouth (never would and not my style) , but what I can do is teach you how to format and optimize your words so the topics you write about get found on the Internet.

My philosophy is as follows: Your words and message are SACRED GROUND. If you are a  professional and have been around the block and back a few times, you know your own niche market far better than I.

Personally, I have my own gig. I live in one geo-targeted area of the globe. I can not be an expert, blog or talk about every local nuance, area or news worthy global event as an expert the way you can if you are actually physically there.

But, what I can do is help you lay out in a very specific manor “your own words” so that you get found on the Internet for the topics you write about. That is my area of expertise and I am VERY good at it.

For example, how can I possibly touch the heart and soul of readers and write about the Tsunami that knocked out homes and entire livelihoods in Japan on every conceivable level if I am not actually there to observe, witness  and FEEL the devastation.  What I am trying to say is that YOU MUST WRITE YOUR OWN BLOG POSTS and speak from your own heart, soul and gut. Then and only then, can I go back in and teach you how to SEO tweak and format your own brilliant masterpiece posts so that people can find you and be moved by your words on the Internet.

I am a professional SEO blogging coach. I have done many things in my lifetime.  I am a go-getter who has taken chances, succeeded at some, failed at others, and learned.  What I can tell you is that after years of experience in the trenches of a variety of  hardcore Internet competitive industries,  I am most effective at what I do as an Internet SEO blogging coach and it doesn’t matter if you are in real estate, fine wine sales, carpet cleaning, roof repair, shoe shining or whatever. I CAN get you found on the Internet in your area of  expertise.

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