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When you are TRYING, a.k.a., forcing your humble, human self to write, the immaculate, virgin white webpage in edit mode can be quite daunting. What are you going to write about today that is going to change the paradigm of man’s thinking? – what is so so so important?  Holy shit. The possibilities are endless, and yet you are stymied and paralyzed by the those possibilities.  It’s called writer’s block and it happens.  It happened to Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Shakespeare, Capote and all the greats.  It happens when we least expect it and it sucks!

Writers block – you’re officially in the dog zone.  And how you present your ideas has become so important that you’ve become too bogged (dogged) down to muster up one word that is worthy enough to put down on paper.  You’ve got a cramp in your brain and one in your right knuckle – Ouch!  Cant write … cant write … can’t think …What is going on here?  Now your big toe is hurting.  Pace … get a drink of water … pace… get a sandwich …  get another drink of water … a cookie … pace some more – Oy Vey!

“Another deadline, another week gone by, another article to write, another story to be told, another opportunity to change the world…… and absolutely nothing comes.

Haven’t we all experienced those annoying bouts of blocked creativity in one form or another. How do we navigate out of the very fog bank that has consumed us?  Well, what usually works for me is to remind myself that “it too shall pass,” then go do something else.

Breathe…  Exhale…  Breathe…  Exhale…  Downward dog… Breathe … Sit and stare out the window at a fellow passenger of life walking by, take in the beauty of a perfect rose in bloom or a bird happily minding its own business.  Focus on anything other than writing because when you try and force it, the words will sound stiff, awkward and contrived. In my opinion, creativity is an outpouring of GRACE – a gift from the creative heavens that can never be forced.

So, if you can’t get to that exalted place right this moment, walk away from your computer, put down your pen and give it a rest.  Go play ball with your silly dog, listen to some of your favorite tunes, take an exhilarating walk in the great outdoors, watch something really lame on TV (that’s easy to do), or do whatever – just don’t do anything that involves writing.  Before you know it, the fog will have effortlessly lifted from your brain and you’ll be back in “the zone” writing again. Trust me, I know what brain freeze feels like and have experienced way to many writer’s block moments to count.  I think it just comes with the territory of being human!

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