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Currently, there are over 173 million blogs populating the Web – and more than likely, your competitors are among them, blogging for business, brand recognition, and visibilty in the index. No longer can business owners ignore the importance of quality SEO content and blogging as key components of a succesful online markeing stratgey!

We write high quality content for PEOPLE, then focus on SEO and conversion optimization – always in that order!”

Our solid SEO content strategy for online marketing includes driving more targeted traffic (clearly defined audience for your geo-targeted market) to your site utilizing good SEO practices – and providing dynamic, information-rich and conversion optimized content that will encourage your site visitors to take ACTION – buy your products, employ your services, and contact you!

Only after we are done writing and properly formatting a dynamic page or post, do we focus on SEO and conversion optimization.  We keep it real by writing high quality content for REAL people rather than pumping out generic, SEO-focused industry content, a.k.a., “SEO marketing fodder.”

“Better Content = More Leads!”

“Pennies on the dollar and sold by the pound” content – the kind that’s been scrubbed and scraped, and regurgitated so many times on the web that it no longer has a pulse, then stuffed with a lot of useless keywords, is the worst content on the face of mother earth.  More importantly, it’s a waste of time and energy because it doesn’t convert or add to your burgeoning bottom line!  For more information on what makes website and blog content more effective, please read “How to Write an Effective Blog Post in 3 Easy Steps.

Organic Inbound Links

Organic, inbound links are the result of quality website content written for REAL PEOPLE, not search engines.  Inbound links from relevant authority websites and social media platforms let the search engines know that your site is a trustworthy, reliable source of information, which helps to strengthen and solidify your placement in the index.

Internal Linking

Our proven “SEO content strategy for online success” includes internal linking of relevant pages and posts within your site.  What you are doing is creating a solid information structure that continuously builds on itself as you blog.  This web of info within the greater web will help boost your overall website authority and rankings.

SEO Content Samples

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SEO Content Make-overs

You may already have content on your website, but if the layers of SEO and/or conversion optimization (call to action) are non-existent or amiss, you won’t get the kind of index placement or conversion of your traffic that you could be getting. That is where we come in.  We will fix these very important layers, so that your content dominates the index and your traffic converts to more leads and sales!

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Rates for seo website content make-overs vary depending on your specific content issues and how much content you have. Give us a call and we will analyze your content and give you a reasonable quote and a comprehensive content game plan to follow – Batch discount of 6 or more pages will apply.

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If you are interested in SEO content for your website, ongoing blogging services, improving your search engine placement and/or boosting your conversion rate, give us a call or fill out our online contact form today!  Let us to help you achieve your online marketing goals with uniquely valuable SEO content services for your target audience.   We have a proven SEO content strategy WORKS!

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