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If you are a real estate professional looking to achieve and maintain a competitive real estate presence online, then high-quality real estate SEO content along with regular blogging should be at the core of your online marketing strategy.

Our solid real estate SEO content marketing strategy is two-fold:  Drive targeted traffic (clearly defined audience for your geo-targeted market) to your site utilizing ‘best SEO practices’ – and provide uniquely valuable, conversion optimized, real estate content that will encourage your site visitors to take ACTION (positively impacting your bottom line)!

Better Real Estate Content = More Leads!

That being said, only after we are done flushing out a dynamic and compelling real estate page or post, do we switch gears and focus on the necessary layer of on-page SEO, which includes: keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, URL structure, heading tags, images with alt text attributes, internal linking, and outbound linking to relevant authority sites.

First and foremost, we always focus on the topic at hand and write for PEOPLE, then go back in and add the layer of search engine optimization – always in that order. Why? Because content written for search engines doesn’t convert!

Next comes the layer of conversion optimization, or call-to-action, such as: a request for filling out your online contact form, an offer for a FREE property evaluation, an offer to receive FREE automatic emails of new listings, an offer for a FREE relocation guide, an offer to sign up for a FREE real estate investment webinar or class, etc.

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Whether the focus of your real estate website is about luxury homes, new construction homes, investment real estate, REO bank-owned properties, short sales, flat-rate pricing, FSBO assistance, first-time home buyers, sellers, etc., or all of the above, all real estate SEO content should be unique, informative, well written, and focused on your target audience and local market(s).

Internal Linking for Local Authority

Part of our SEO content strategy for local authority and higher rankings is linking comprehensive geo-targeted area profile pages or community pages to other relevant pages and posts within your site. If you continuously link to these area profile pages, you create an extremely powerful local information linking structure that will be hard to beat by your real estate competitors, who are also vying for top placement in the search results for the same topics and local market(s).

For more information on how to maximize your local authority utilizing comprehensive geo-targeted area profile pages, please read “How to Dominate Your Local Market with Geo-targeted Area Profile Pages.”

Real Estate Keyword Research

We don’t play guessing games when it comes to what keywords or keyword phrases searchers might use to find your content in the search results.  We do a keyword analysis for your target audience and locale. Typically, we use broader, geo-targeted keyword phrases along with less competitive keyword phrases (low hanging fruit) that are easier to dominate for in the search results.

Real Estate Content for People

If you are like most people, generic, keyword-stuffed marketing fodder is a big turn off.  It’s also very annoying when you have to wade through a lot of it on the web in order to find quality content that’s written with integrity and worth your time to read.  There is a lot of real estate SEO content out there that’s been scrubbed, scraped and regurgitated so many times that it no longer has a pulse. That is not the kind of content we provide. Our content is fresh, timely, unique, engaging, and always written with your “burgeoning bottom line” in mind – in other words, content that converts!

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You may already have content on your website, but if the layers of SEO and call-to-action optimization are non-existent or faulty, you won’t get the kind of search engine placement or lead conversion traction you could be getting.  That is where we come in. We will fix these very important layers so that your real estate SEO content dominates the search results and your traffic converts to more leads and sales!

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experienced real estate blogging and community profile writing services – call us today! (813) 312-5606

If you are interested in real estate SEO content for your website, ongoing blogging services, improving your search engine placement and giving your conversion rate a boost, give us a call, send us an email or fill out the online contact form today!   Let us help you achieve your online marketing goals with professional SEO content services for real estate.  We have a proven SEO content strategy that WORKS!

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