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 SEO website content service, optimized real estate contentQuality, optimized content is the cornerstone of a successful real estate online presence. As an experienced SEO real estate content writer, my job is to drive traffic to your website utilizing good SEO practices as well as encourage site visitors to employ your services and contact you.

Optimized Real Estate Content for Your Target Market

Whether the focus of your website is luxury homes, REO bank-owned properties, short sales, flat-rate pricing, FSBO assistance, first-time home buyers, new construction homes, seller listings, investment property, etc., real estate content should be informative, fresh, engaging and geo-targeted for your specific target market and area of focus.

Geo-targeted Real Estate Content

Real Estate Website Content, geo-targeted real estate content serviceGET FOUND NOW specializes in real estate geo-targeting and how granular you want to get in your geo-targeting efforts is up to you. We geo-target long tail keywords that will give your website area topic authority and bring you more focused traffic with a higher conversion rate.

We are big proponents of inter-linking geo-targeted foundation pages (area profiles) to relevant posts and pages whenever possible, creating an internal  web within the greater web. For more information about geo-targeting utilizing area profiles and embedded Google maps, please read “How to Dominate Your Local Market with Geo-targeted Area Profile Pages.”

Real Estate Keyword Research

We don’t play guessing games on what search terms we think web users might type into the index to find you. Before we begin writing  for your website, we do a keyword analysis utilizing a keyword research tool and use a combination of broader keyword phrases and less competitive long tails that will yield more targeted results.

Real Estate Content for People

We don’t like to read generic keyword stuffed content and we certainly don’t like to write  it.  Optimized real estate content that has been scrubbed, scraped and regurgitated all over the Internet and stuffed with useless keywords is a turn off for your site visitors and doesn’t convert.

Generally speaking, real estate website content should include search terms (2 to 3 max per 500 words with the proper ratio) without sounding like you’re writing for search engines. Yes, you may be able garner a sliver of search engine placement with keyword focused fodder but your site visitors will leave within seconds once they catch wind of it, and they certainly won’t bother contacting you?

Optimized Real Estate Content Samples

We specialize in geo-targeted optimized real estate content. 

Here are a few examples:

**Keep in mind that many posts and pages are written under Admin, but they can all be verified!**

Content Rates

  • Optimized Blog Article content (500+ words): original, quality geo-targeted content that includes: good keywords; post tags; supportive heading tags, meta title tags, interlinking of pages and posts, call to action, optimized signature, geo-targeted Google Maps (when applicable), embedded videos (when applicable) and optimized images (title and alt text) – $55 per article (6 article batch discount – $50 per article).
  • Optimized Website Page Content – (500 -800+ words): unique, quality geo-targeted content that includes: good keywords, supportive title tags,  interlinking of pages and posts, optimized signature, geo-targeted  Google Maps (when applicable), embedded videos (when applicable) and optimized images (title and alt text) – $85 per page (6 pages or more batch discount – $75 per page).
  • Geo-targeted Area Profile Pages – $95 per page (6 pages or more batch discount – $85 per page).

Real Estate Content SEO Make-Overs

You may already have a lot of great content on your website, but if the layer of geo-targeting and proper optimization is nonexistent or amiss, you won’t get the kind of index traction you could be getting. That is where we come in. We will fix this very important layer so that you get found now for the topics you want to dominate in the index for.

Content SEO make-overs - Reformatting for usability and SEO that includes:  supportive heading tags for SEO/usability), optimization utilizing geo-targeted long tail keywords, create geo-targeted SEO meta tags, create geo-targeted H1 page titles, internal linking of pages, content clean up (rewrite, CopyScape and add content where necessary, add embedded Google maps, remove image file names and image alt text, and add call-to action/internal linking signature to all pages and posts.

Rates for optimized website content make-overs vary depending on your specific content issues and how much content you have. Give us a call and we will analyze your content and give you a reasonable quote and a comprehensive content game plan to follow - Batch discount of 6 or more pages will apply.

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