real estate blog content services, real estate website content writer, Real Estate SEO Content ServicesAre you a real estate professional looking to achieve and maintain a competitive real estate presence online?  If you answered “YES,” then quality real estate content and regular blogging should be the cornerstone of your online marketing strategy.

Our solid real estate SEO content strategy is two-fold: We will drive targeted traffic to your site utilizing ‘best SEO practices’ and provide uniquely valuable, conversion-optimized, real estate content that will encourage your site visitors to take ACTION!  

Real Estate Content Written for People, Not Search Engines

We write content for real people, not search engines. Only after we are done flushing out a dynamic real estate webpage or post, do we fully address SEO such as targeted keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, proper URL structure, heading tags, images with alt text attributes, internal linking, and outbound linking to relevant authority sites.  Next comes the layer of conversion optimization, or call-to-action such as a request for filling out your online contact form, an offer for a FREE property evaluation, an offer to receive FREE automatic emails of new listings, an offer for a FREE relocation guide, an offer to sign up for a FREE real estate investment webinar or class, and so forth.

Flat, generic marketing content (industry fooder) primarily focused on SEO doesn’t convert. Your site visitors are not going to take the time to wade through low-grade content that’s been scrubbed, scraped and regurgitated so many times online that it no longer has a pulse. That is not the kind of content we deliver to our clients. We provide unique, timely, informative, and engaging content that will enhance your brand as a professional REALTOR® and drive home more leads.

Real Estate Keyword Research

We don’t play guessing games when it comes to what keywords (phrases) we “think” searchers might use to find your content. Instead, we do a keyword analysis specific to your target market and we stay on top of your main competitors. We will aggressively go after your slice of the market. Typically, we use a combination of competitive keyword phrases, broader longtail keyword phrases, and less competitive keyword phrases, otherwise known as “low hanging fruit.”

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You may already have a lot of content on your website/blog, but if the layers of SEO and call-to-action are non-existent, you won’t get the kind of search engine placement or conversion on your traffic you could be getting. We will fix these very important layers. If you are interested in real estate SEO content for your website, ongoing blogging services, improving your search engine placement, and boosting your traffic conversion, give us a call, send us an email or fill out the online contact form today!

Better Real Estate Content = More Leads

We can help you achieve your online marketing goals with professional SEO content services tailored to meet your needs. Quick turnaround times guaranteed!

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