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deep link navigation Seo Services, deep linking your websiteOne of the most important strategies for top search engine placement is deep link navigation SEO, otherwise known as intra- linking posts to posts, posts to pages and pages to pages within your own website.

However, before you can even begin to implement this type of SEO strategy, your website must have a smart page navigation structure that is optimized for your niche market and/or geo-targeted area.

With WordPress, you are working with multiple search engine bots that look at your SEO blog posts from a variety of angles and you want thoses bots to link to your foundational pages through a well thought out navigational structure.

What many people don’t realize is that Google alone runs over 13 bots every day and it’s easy to grasp what they want because they talk about it in their blogs and within their Webmaster Guidelines. The mystery unfolded a couple of weeks ago when Yahoo started displaying results directly from Bing.

Is this the first step in Microsoft finally reaching it’s goal to purchase Yahoo? Only time will tell;  however it’s best to optimize for both Google and Bing. The differences between these search engines are not that far apart, but the fact is, they control over 90% of the world’s searches. Google is now an answer engine, not a search engine. It has also released 2 new updates that make it a localized engine.

THIS IS HOW LOCAL REAL ESTATE AGENTS GET GEO-TARGETED PLACEMENT FOR THE TOPICS THEY WRITE ABOUT and the one common factor between Google and Bing is that they must implement deep link navigation SEO between posts and pages.

Deep link navigation search engine optimization includes property search pages (whether in sub-domains or iframes – it doesn’t really matter), buyer and seller pages, area profiles/community pages, all geo- targeted content on your pages and relevant posts. Page and post links are not just for site visitors who may or may not click on them and further venture into your site. The primary purpose of intra-linking is for search engine bots to traverse each link and follow the core content on your website.

It’s the internal linking of posts to pages, pages to pages and posts to posts of related content that will give you maximum topic authority and search engine placement for the topics you write about.

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