SEO Website Geo-targeting for Specific Locales

SEO Website Geo-targetingSEO geo-targeting is the delivery of optimized content to site visitors based on their locality, such as their country, region, state, city, metro area, neighborhood zip code, etc.  Website geo-targeting is a proven method of successful, organic search engine optimization.

Whether your business is international, national, state-wide, county-wide, city-wide or local, one of the best ways to geo-target a website is to create a separate, optimized area profile page for each locale you want to target. You can reach out as far and wide as you want in your geo-targeting efforts.  Just make sure that you have a comprehensive geo-targeting plan in place.

For example, if you are an international company, you might start out with optimized area profile pages for the countries and major cities you want to target. A nationwide geo-targeting campaign might include optimized area profile pages for each state, county and major city you want to target.  A geo-targeting campaign for local business might include optimized area profile pages for the county, city and/or specific neighborhoods or zip codes you want to target.

Area profile pages should include a general description of the locale and pertinent area data such as demographics, economy, geographic location, etc. Of course, you also want to include information about your business, services/products, property search (real estate), contact info, etc.

You can amp up the area authority SEO by embedding a Google Map. Read Website Geo-targeting for Area Authority using Embedded Google Maps to learn more about the SEO benefits of using embedded Google maps.

How to Embed a Google Map

In the example below, “Wesley Chapel, Florida” is typed into the Google Map search box. In the upper right hand corner you will see a link button.  Click on the link and choose “Past HTML, to embed into website.”   

Next, go to html/source view and insert the iframe on the page and update.  You will now see an interactive Google map on the page. It’s really that easy.

Examples of Geo-targeted Website Pages

Here are three examples of optimized, area profile pages for real estate:

Here are two examples of optimized area profile pages for a data recovery website, geo-targeted nationwide for specific states and cities.

Data Recovery service page optimized for Florida:

Data Recovery service page optimized for Minnesota:

Optimized area profile pages will help your website area authority and generate more geo-targeted traffic to your site.

Geo-targeting Local Business with Google Places

Awhile back, Google changed its Local Business Center to Google Places. Webmasters now have the ability to control their business listings on Google Maps, which can be accessed through your Google account.  Google Places can support a business with multiple locations and will put your listing at the top of the index for the type of business you have as well as your locale.

Here’s an example of how Google Places works. “carpet cleaning Tampa Palms Florida” was typed into the search box and Google Maps pulled up the following listings at the top of the organic search.

For more information on how to get local search results, read Dominate Local Search Results. When your business relies on organic search results, every decision you make pertaining to your website must start with search engine optimization.

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