geo-targeted content servicesSEO geo-targeting is the delivery of optimized content to site visitors based on their locality, such as their country, region, state, city, metro area, neighborhood zip code, etc.  Website geo-targeting is a proven method of successful, organic search engine optimization.

Geo-targeted Area Profile Pages

Whether your business is international, national, state-wide, county-wide, city-wide or local, one of the best ways to geo-target a website is to create a separate, optimized area profile page for each locale you want to target. You can reach out as far and wide as you want in your geo-targeting efforts.  Just make sure that you have a comprehensive geo-targeting plan in place.

Geo-targeted Area Profile Campaign

If you are an international company, you may start out with optimized area profile pages for the countries and major cities you want to target. A nationwide geo-targeting campaign might include optimized area profile pages for each state, county and major city you want to target.  A geo-targeting campaign for local business might include optimized area profile pages for the county, city and/or specific neighborhoods or zip codes you want to target.

Area profile pages should include a general description of the locale and current, pertinent area data such as demographics, economy, geographic location, etc. Of course, you also want to include information about your business, services/products, property search (real estate), contact info, etc.

Optimized & Geo-targeted Content Examples

Content SEO Make-Overs

You may already have a lot of great content on your website, but if the layer of geo-targeting and proper optimization is nonexistent or amiss, you won’t get the kind of index traction you could be getting. That is where we come in. We will fix this very important layer so that you get found now for the topics you want to dominate for in the index.

Content SEO make-overs include: reformatting with supportive heading tags for SEO/usability), optimization utilizing geo-targeted long tail keywords, create geo-targeted SEO meta tags, create geo-targeted H1 page titles, internal linking of pages, content clean up (rewrite, CopyScape and add content where necessary, add embedded Google maps, remove image file names and add image alt text, create call to action/internal linking signature and add to all pages/posts.

Affordable Real Estate SEO Wordpress Design Services and Package Prices

We offer affordable package pricing, and pride ourselves on excellent customer service . Give us a call at 813 782.1619, send us an email or fill out our online contact form today and let us know how we can assist you with your geo-targeting area profile needs. We look forward to speaking with you!!

Rates for optimized website content make-overs vary depending on your specific content issues and how much content you have. Give us a call and we will analyze your content and give you a reasonable quote and a comprehensive content game–Batch discount of 6 or more pages will apply.