All I can say is be very careful when you hire “SEO website experts” off the Internet and that pretty much applies to every other “expert” that asks for hefty upfront deposits. 

For a lot folks, SEO is like speaking pig Latin and it’s easy to get hoodwinked by a good sales pitch filled with SEO buzz words and jargon.   

My husband and I own GET FOUND NOW, a company that specializes in SEO WordPress, optimized website content and static website conversion to WordPress (StudioPress).

GET FOUND NOW is an authority site and we have top, organic search engine placement for search terms pertaining to WordPress SEO blog design and optimized content services.   

On average, we take 4 – 6 sales calls a day and most of them are from people who’ve gotten BURNED by website companies that charged them big upfront money for a website that either never got built or that never got finished. 

Though our placement speaks for itself, I do have to overcome the “I got sc–ewed over” objection and jump through a few hoops because of it. From someone who hears these stories on a daily basis, let me give you a few words of advice.  Don’t give any “website company/SEO expert” a big deposit and don’t get locked into any monthly SEO website maintenance fees, which are a total sham.

If you have a WordPress site, everything having to do with search engine optimization comes default or can be added one time with a plugin.  All the search engine optimization you need with WordPress is optimized content generation.

Even though we have very satisfied customers and charge very reasonable fees for the professional work we do, we’ve had to change our business model due to other unscrupulous, hit-and-run SEO website companies that don’t deliver, don’t fulfill their promises and disappear into thin air.

When we take on a new client, we do everything a la carte with no hefty upfront deposits. We don’t play games and what we say we are going to do for you we do. For example, if we are installing a WordPress system for you and also writing your optimized page content, we would rather earn your trust by delivering what we say we are going to for you in phases.

First you pay for the SEO WordPress installation and customization.  Once that is done to your “satisfaction,” we move on to phase two – the SEO website content, if you choose to have us write it for you. You can pay for one page at a time or 10 pages – whatever you are most comfortable with.

We understand what it’s like to get burned because we’ve been burned ourselves. However, once you see that we actually DELIVER the goods as promised, you will stay with us!  Take it slow and easy with the “experts” out there.  Believe me, I’ve seen some of the most bogus SEO proposals from other SEO website companies – most of which offer a promise of services that never actually happen, services that won’t help your placement or services you can get FREE with Google Webmaster Tools.  

If you are interested in SEO WordPress and you would like to learn more about why it’s the bomb of all bombs for solid SEO, give us a call. We will explain why and how it all works and we won’t be asking you for any upfront deposits when we’re done.  

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