Social Network Marketing was branded the “wave of the future”! Well, the future has already arrived. With the popularity of sites like Digg and MySpace, you don’t need to look very far to see the success of social network sites.

The premise behind social network marketing is built around “community.” Years ago that was accomplished through forums and later through portal systems such as PHP Nuke. While forums and portals still have weight within Google and Yahoo, security issues and spam have made managing them very difficult and costly.

In comes Blogging. In the industry, Blog stands for “Better Listings On Google!” Google went as far as to purchase the perennial blogging sensation – “Blogger.”

Anyone that knows anything will tell you that Google and Yahoo is rewarding “news” sites. This doesn’t mean you have to be another CNN, but what it does mean is that you must have fresh and relevant content.

This is what Get Found Now excels at. We are experts at producing and editing content. Through RSS syndication and solid copy writing skills, Get Found Now can propel your site into the stratosphere of traffic.

Unlike most SEO companies, Get Found Now actually cares about the quality of the traffic you receive. Our philosophy is to drive “quality” traffic that you can actually use! Through Website Analytics and Usability, Get Found Now optimizes not only your site for search engines, but also for your users, which is why you have a website in the first place!

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Web 2.0 Social Network Marketing Overview

When looking at Social Network Marketing or Web 2.0, it is easy to get lost in the more personal aspect of it. Sites like, and are often in the forefront these days and can cloud the business potential of Web 2.0 applications.

Get Found Now is at the core of the business side of social network marketing. To understand Web 2.0 and how it can assist your website, the first step is to look at the different aspects of it. The most common platform to execute Web 2.0 is a blogging system. Get Found Now utilizes a custom and proprietary installation of WordPress.

WordPress is built not only for the social networking aspect of blogging, but as a direct method of communication with search engines and directories. The true power of this type of server level communication is done through two types of XML:

  1. XML Site Maps– these are guides to not only the blogging system, but to the parent site. They give the search engines a look at each page, the pages importance to the site and finally how often and when the pages have been updated. Since Google has rolled out its Universal Search and Yahoo (Inktomi) is moving into a purer form of news related indexing, a sites frequency of being updated is critical to placement.If you look at your site’s http header, it should show when the last itme the site was updated. If there is no if_modified_since information being applied to the header through Apache, this can be resolved with an XML site map.
  2. XML-RPC – by far the most powerful means of server communication, RPC directly updates search engines and RSS directories to site updates. This is a powerful tool that can lay down the foundation for positive search engine visibility.

Apart from communication to search engines and directories, WordPress is built for syndication. RSS or Real Simple Syndication is the foundation for Web 2.0applications. Get Found Now offers many ways to handle the myriad of RSS options. Any type of data can be passed through an RSS Feed. It is the purest form of promotion whether straight text articles, video or podcasts, RSS is a vital contributor to any Internet Marketing strategy. Read our blog post RSS Syndication Explained for more information about RSS.

Utilizing WordPress as the foundation for your site’s Web 2.0 initiatives will also allow for a simple means of dealing with both newsletter and drip email campaigns. Get Found Now employs advanced methods for RSS subscriptions including custom feeds that can be used as newsletters or means to communicate via email with past or future customers.

The optimum scenario would be for WordPressto be made part of the main site rather than be hosted at another domain or used as a sub domain. An example: shows the system residing within a sub-directory of the main site.

Get Found Now has employed many different versions of WordPress both stand alone as well as within the domain. By far the most powerful application of WordPress is to use it on an existing domain as a sub directory. This will also shore up the parent domain by giving it all the power of XML RPC and RSS.

Get Found Now at one time was only focused on Search Engine Optimization, in fact the core people involved with the company are all SEO engineers. In the past year we have moved solely into Web 2.0 and don’t even take on any SEO clients. That being said SEO is still a vital part of the strategies involving Social Network Marketing and Web 2.0 applications. New blog installations on the primary domain will also need its site to be optimized to further along the progress of any Web 2.0 initiatives. Together through SEO and Social Network Marketing, your company will have the means to communicate with their clients as well as educate potential customers.

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