So, You Want to be on Page One of Google?

 organic search engine placement, organic seo“Hi Victoria , I want to be on page one of Google. That being said, I want to pay you the least amount possible because I am on a very tight budget. How long will it take you to get me there and make it happen for me online?”

As an experienced organic SEO content writer, WordPress content trainer and WordPress developer for multiply industries, how many times do you think I’ve heard that request and lofty goal? – A lot, and usually from folks that are just starting out with minimal online experience.

Anyone with an online biz in the 21st century, savvy or not, wants a stellar online presence, and of course, to be on page one of Google. Gosh, why wouldn’t they?

Organic Search Engine Placement Success Comes with Due Diligence

I don’t mean to sound like a hard a-s because I’m actually more like a realist and do my best to come from a place of integrity. I want to HELP people make it happen online to the very best of my ability.

So, let’s talk about what it’s going to take to make that happpen for you.  Let me start out by saying that if you are new or a relatively new online business (2 to 3 years),  you will need to carve out your online presence/niche with exceptional content if you want to be succsessful.

Sorry brothers and sisters, if I said it will happen overnight, even if your content is the best in the universe, I’d be a liar. You will need to be patient.

Strategy, Expertise and Fortitude

No longer can you hire a so called ” SEO expert”  to manipulate the search engines because once the search engines catch wind of any kind of seo tactics, whatsoever, the next update will wipe your placement out of the ball park if you’re doing anything less than straight up organic and above board.

The safe and high road is all about organic if you want it to happen and keep it happening online.  As online business owners, we all know there’s nothing worse than a Google update and to see one’s site slapped or completely wiped out over something really lame that could have been avoided if we had a little more organic SEO knowledge under our belt.

Organic Search engine placement starts with unique, well written content that real PEOPLE actually enjoy reading and link back to via comments, quotes, links, trackbacks and social media.

Trying to dupe search engines with SEO trickery will only get you into trouble.

Organic Internal Linking Within Your Website 

Juicy, good organic placement rests upon fine tuned topic authority and unique content that’s internally linked within your website  –  pages to pages, posts to post and pages to posts throughout your entire website.

I call it “the internal web within the greater web.”  Organic success with WordPress, the very best content management system on the planet at this time, means shooting out unique content into the blogosphere, a.k.a. online quantum soup, via xmlrpc, RSS, newsletters, social media outlets, etc.

Website Content that’s Worth Reading

Organic search engine placement is the foundation for online success. Once you are placed for people to find you, be concerned about how you are going to convert your site visitors to leads and sales once they find you. Is your content worth reading? Marketing fluff regurgitated and scraped off of other websites is not going to be beneficial no matter how amazing your search engine placement is.

At the end of the day, I highly recommend that you make sure your content is unique, well written and authoritative. Content that is dead in the water and regurgitated from other websites has no pulse and will easily be sniffed out by site visitors.

Writing on Your Website

If you have a brand new WordPress site and looking to get a foothold in the index, I suggest that you write on it three times a week for the first 2 months. After that, you can taper down to two articles a week, then one if you are busy and have limited time to write.  Keep in mind, however, the more you write, the faster you will carve out your search engine placement and online presence.

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