Matt Cutts, Anti-Spam and Stubble

Thanks for the laughs SEOBook. Matt Cutts probably laughed his arss (PG rated version of said cuss word) off when he saw this.  Make sure that you click on A bunch more here for even more good laughs.

I Really like Matt Cutts

He is all about quality content and anti-spam. Listen closely to Matt Cutts‘ sage advice because he understands how Google works and has the skinny low down on Google future updates.

Matt, if you’re out there and happen to ever stumble upon my humble blog, I know this fat cartoon of you as Lego man with stubble and can opener hands is not very attractive, but I also know that you are able to take it in stride and get a few belly laughs out of it.

Your are Google’s face among the masses and a very dialed in cool guy.  Thanks for all the info that you’ve given us so freely over the years, straight from the horse’s mouth :-).

Hey, did Matt Groening, the man who wanted to “invade pop culture” with his rebellious little skateboarding funny man Bart, “Eat My Shorts,” have a hand in this? Matt’s got a little Homer action going on here.

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