Spin Doctoring and Hijacking Other People’s Content is Plagiarism

Bloging Tips, Content Plaigerism Recently, I have noticed my content ‘spin doctored’ or should I say “spun doctored” (kind of a made up word and not sure if it even has a correct grammatical tense) on other websites.  No, I am not happy about it, but in the same breathe, what a compliment.  Oh hogwash!

Truthfully, it eerks me to no-end to see MY words, MY ideas and MY sweat equity taken without permission or any mention at all of the source – a.k.a.,  ME .  It’s not an ego thing. It’s about Internet ethics and being cool to your online brothers and sisters who give it all they’ve got, day in and day out.

Content Spin Doctoring

Some people think (or should I say “do without thinking,” ) that it’s OK to hijack other people’s original ideas and spin them out as their own.  They take bits and pieces of what you have to say and weave YOUR words into a rewrite of lifeless, fluffy content fodder.

Words are scrubbed here and there, just enough to pull the wool over Copyscape and Google. Others will take what is yours, word for word, and think nothing of it. Why? Because they think they can get away with it. Got news for you copycat bloggers without soul, Google and the other SEs are a lot smarter than you think.

The Web is Very Connected and Eyes are Watching

Fortunately, the web is very connected and if you are a prolific blogger and have a high profile, your comrades in the blogging trenches recognize when someone has stolen your words and ideas and will bring it to your attention.  Why? – because plagiarism and spin doctoring is a horrific, online epidemic and us bloggers are online warriors. We watch one another’s backs and trust me, the buzz of plagiarism spreads like WILDFIRE.

Some misguided individuals believe that whatever is out there on the Net is a free-for-all sandbox and they will copy, spin, scrub, scrape, borrow and steal other people’s content without batting an eye.  On or offline, plagiarism is unethical and is also very detrimental to your reputation when caught.

Protect Your Original Content from Plagiarism

No to be a negative Nelly here, but I recommend that you put a plagiarism warning at the bottom of all your content.  Recently, I started putting the following statement on all my posts and pages (courtesy of  First Pro Capital).

“Copyright of content written on Get Found Now is rightfully owned by Get Found Now. Copyright Infringement is “Identity Theft,” unlawful in any jurisdiction.”

Hopefully it will send ‘the message’ to the content thieves that keep ripping me off because GFN doesn’t take content thievery lightly.

CopyScape has a variety of plagiarism warning banners you can display on your website like the one below and I highly recommend that you check your content on Copyscape periodically to see if it shows up elsewhere, without your permission, a backlink or mention. 

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Copyright of content written on Get Found Now is rightfully owned by Get Found Now. Copyright Infringement is “Identity Theft,” unlawful in any jurisdiction.

Please do not spin or copy our content and we’ll give you the same respect. Merci!

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