Strategic SEO Content Game Plan Services for Organic Online Success!

Strategic SEO Content Game Plan Services for Organic Online Success!

online content services, web page content services, seo content servicesLet’s discuss your online goals. I have years of experience working with real estate agents across the nation as well as mortgage and finance professionals.  I also work with product and service clients in a variety of niche markets, geo-specific and nationwide.

As a professional content writer and  optimization/geo-targeting/website topic authority expert, a.k.a. organic SEO,  I’ve been doing this for awhile now and at this point (hopefully, without sounding arrogant and full of myself) I kind of know my stuff.

What I provide for my clients is a strategic content game plan for organic online success.  All content is lead focused and includes call-to-action prompts throughout, relevant internal links to pages and posts, outbound links to relevant authority sites, along with a topic authority and geo-targeted-concentric focus.

New Website Content or Website Content Re-dos

If you have a brand new website that needs content or the content on your current site is poorly written, stale, or simply lacks proper optimization and or geo-targeting,  I can provide that for you.  When I  write for your market, my sole focus is on the topic at hand and nothing else.  Only then do I go back in and add the needed layers of optimization/geo-targeting, call-to-action, and internally linking your website pages and related articles to increase your topic authority (secret sauce of organic SEO) – always in that order and not before.

Content Packages and A la Carte Web Pages/Articles

I offer complete website content packages based on your specific marketing, content optimization and geo-targeting needs, once we have discussed your online goals and I understand exactly what I will be providing you.

Optimized/Geo-targeted Web Page Content Examples

I also write optimized and geo-targedted articles and web pages a la carte. You can review my rates page for those items as needed.  Below are a few examples of my most current work. You can also review numerous content examples on my SEO Content Services and Real Estate Content Services pages:
Feel free to give me a call at 813 782.1619, or send me an email (seobloggingdiva@gmail.com), if you have any questions relating to my organic  SEO content services.  I look forward to hearing from you. Rock on and let me help you ROCK online!
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Victoria Stankard has been an online SEO content writer for a variety of markets across the nation since 2006. Specializing in optimized content marketing strategies and owner of a successful organic search engine optimization company, Victoria writes for real people with "The Optimized Edge" - putting you on the map and more!

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