Stress and Blogging Do Not Make a Great CocktailYes, I m speaking to all of you stressed out, workaholic bloggers who are trying to keep pace with your online blog post quotas for the week. Folks, great blogging happens when you are relaxed, mellowed out and happy. 

I know that sounds like ‘after a few,’ but it’s really all about pacing yourself (not your cocktails) and only blogging when the righteous creative blogging spirit moves you. The best posts are those that flow like butter and ‘you know’ when you have written a good one.

I for one can not write when I am stressed out. My body is uncomfortable, my mind is uptight and my creative juices get so backed up that only a colon flush will get me undamned and flowing again.

When we are filled with stress and overworked, we short circuit, become dry and brittle and smokey fumes are all that we are able to muster when we attempt to pump out yet another fabulous post for the team.

Often times, I look at previously written blog posts and I can tell in a heart beat where my state of mind was at the time. An overly technical, straight up, all business get in the leads type of a post (which I can write in my sleep) translates to not in the right frame of mind, stressed out and tired.

When that happens and I am no longer ‘married’ to that post (fresh out of the gate) reeking of complete creative emptiness, I look it over and make my creative and grammarical adjustments. Sometimes a complete rewrite is required. What a waste of valuable time, when I could have been chillin, grillin and refueling. 

Plain and simple – if you are not in your creative blogging groove, give yourself permission to give it a rest and fill back up again, especially when you have extra ‘stuff on our plate’ to deal with.   

Trust me, I’ve had plenty of  Death Valley, Mohave Dessert dry spells when I’ve doubted every blogging bone in my body.  But, when I simply allow myself the freedom and space to just be for awhile, the creative juices start flowing again.

So, “hats off and Cheers” to all of you bloggers out there.  Do yourself a favor and try and take it easy on yourselves and remember, the best blogging cocktail is a shaker of easy breezy, a splash of carefree and a twist of no stress!

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