Wordpress Overhaul - Taking WordPress To Another LevelOver the last 2 months Get Found Now has been running a $399 WordPress Overhaul Special. It has been very successful for both us and our clients that have taken advantage of it. The one thing I learned over this period is that 9 out of 10 WordPress systems were set up as mere blogs.

OK, you will say “WordPress is a blog!” Untrue, WordPress is an advanced Content Management System, capable of dominating search engines, providing integrated IDX or E-commerce solutions and providing your users with a readily available discussion forum through commenting.

Unless you are using an advanced WordPress framework such as Thesis or the system we prefer: Genesis from StudioPress, you have not unleashed the full potential of WordPress!

Why A Framework Is So Important For SEO And Piece of Mind

All right so what is a framework? In the case of Genesis it is a programming overlay that allows users to feel safe in making customizations within a theme that won’t be lost every time you update the theme or in some cases WordPress. Next up is the amazing ability to control your SEO without any 3rd party plugins that can be largely ineffective after Google’s last update. Genesis SEO is done at the site level as well as having total control over every page or post.

There is no need anymore to wrestle with custom templates as Genesis allows you to customize every page and post on an individual basis. On a  final note, Genesis allows real estate professionals more control over their IDX property searches than ever before.

All the best IDX solutions already have WordPress capable solutions, IDXCO, IDX Brokers, Diverse Solutions, FlexMLS and the list goes on. In fact, Diverse Solutions and FlexMLS both use the StudioPress AgentPress theme as their demo site for WordPress, which happens to be the same company that invented Genesis!

The Get Found Now WordPress Overhaul Special is not a superficial makeover, but a complete system upgrade in usability, property search capabilities and of course SEO. We won’t be running it forever so take advantage of this super deal now!   Call Michael at 813.782.1619 or on my cell 727-251-2058 if you have any questions.

Let Us Help You GET FOUND NOW!

On Get Found Now, we give away a ton of free, up-to-date information about WordPress and SEO blogging. Learn more about why people-focused, optimized content is the answer for top, organic search engine placement – SEO WordPress success – the Diva and Cowboy Way!

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We have years of experience installing, configuring and optimizing WordPress, and training people how to SEO blog effectively on it. Get Found Now is a WordPress site with a 99/100 overall Moz website score. This is what we bring to the table and can help you attain for your own WordPress blog!  Check out what our valued clients have to say about us on our testimonials page.

If you would like us to design you a brand new WordPress blogging platform (Portfolio), would like a WordPress back-end tune-up on your existing self-hosted WordPress site (only $99), or could use some one-on-one SEO blog coaching, please give us a call at 813.782.1619.

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