Testimonials – What Our Awesome Clients have to Say!

“I have nothing but good to say about Get Found Now- They are wonderful to work with and are hugely successful at search engine optimization- I will continue to work with them for as long as I am in business- They are friendly, supportive and professional- After starting with Get Found Now our google rankings have skyrocketed and sales are coming in the door! I would highly recommend them to any business looking to improve search engine optimization and blog articles. Thank you Get Found Now!”

Caleb Ferling
Owner of Cleanstart

“I am really happy with the new content written by Victoria on my website.  Her content has improved my rankings in Google and many of the pages on our site is now ranking for new key words.  Victoria also recommended a more modern template for our site and referred us to help with the upgrade.  Check out our site and see first hand how great our site is and we really appreciate Victoria’s help.”

John Myers
Albuquerque, NM Real Estate Broker

“Victoria at Get Found Now is extremely knowledgeable in website design and helping your rank at the top of Google with her geo-targeting pages. I have used her services and been very grateful for the results!”

Larry  Conn
Boulder City, NV

“We all know how important online advertising is in today’s market. Clients shop online first.  We all know how important the impact our website is.  We only get one chance for a first impression. Before I started working on my website, I had spent a lot of time looking for someone who could capture my ideas in order to attract and retain clients.   Of course there are many content writers and services that will promise anything but the truth is in most cases you will get very poor results.  When I checked Victoria’s website and made contact – I knew this was exactly what I wanted. I knew this was the writer I needed order to succeed and I was right… Shortly after Victoria finished polishing up my website, my business began to show on Google – on first page of Google search results! I was ecstatic!  I could tell I was getting more exposure by the phone calls and requests that started pouring in from new clients.  Her knowledge, style of writing and intuition of client needs is superior.  She is truly a world class writer and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be successful.”
Adam Balawender
Re/max City Realtor® CDPE
“I have seen a lot of articles for websites in the last few years but compared to yours, they are more like poor advertising than quality articles that most web masters are looking for. I want to thank you for being there where you are most needed, where you can write those wonderful, highly researched articles that will boost my website and others to higher highs. Thank you for the nice work you do all the time.”
IGWebs ( check this guy out if you need a WordPress site. He is the bomb).

“I spent months researching different companies trying to find the perfect one to build my website. After speaking with about 10 other companies, I came across GetFoundNow.com. I had initial conversation with Michael and finally found someone who could implement my vision. He was very passionate and I was confident he would deliver as promised.

After signing on with them, I was introduced to Victoria. Victoria is a true expert in her field. Her training was phenomenal. I was astounded to find out how much she could teach me over 6 training sessions. Victoria was able to guide me and teach me on how to write relevant content, properly format it, the importance of SERPS, meta tags, and navigation, and to help me truly understand SEO function and optimization of my site.

I am very grateful I choose GetFoundNow.com to develop my website and provide the training I desperately needed. My site has only been active for 2 months and I am already starting to get noticed. My position is also continuing to accelerate every month.
I highly recommend the services of Victoria and Michael Stankard of GetFoundNow.com in building your WordPress site. They are very talented, knowledgeable, patient and reasonable.”

Joseph LoCicero
Real Estate Advisor

Team 54/Prudential Tropical Realty
15702 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa FL 33618

“Victoria and Michael at Get Found Now are quite simply the best, most direct answer to navigating the world of SEO and WordPress to achieve your goals as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Even after years of experience in marketing and communications at a number of organizations, I found myself lost when I left corporate life to launch my own consulting practice. Working at a pace that was comfortable for me, my new WordPress website was up and running in no time flat, with me posting and designing to my heart’s content. Through Victoria’s effective teaching style, I quickly learned the importance of optimizing content so it is geo-targeted, relevant and easily found on web searches. Get Found Now provided an integrated solution essential to my overall brand, harnessing the power of social media, SEO and the elegant and ease of the Genesis WordPress platform. They cut through the clutter, and helped make my vision a reality. I am grateful to have found them, and can’t recommend them more highly.”

Eva Quintos Tennant

Owner / Principal
e.q. Tennant Creative, LLC | 202.251.7803 | www.eqtennant.com

“GetFoundNow is the real thing. Victoria and Michael not only know their business inside and out, but they prove it constantly by providing very responsive and intensive support and training. Every interaction with them, results in valuable knowledge transfer.”

Mickey Henry

“Hi Victoria,

Thank you Victoria and Michael, both of you made my website a beautiful expression of who I am. I had such fear around the creating of it, and I was almost paralyzed with the fear. It was like giving birth. Should I, shouldn’t I, should I try doing it myself. All these questions and stories, I was driving myself crazy. The best thing I ever did was to hand over the web building to Victoria and Michael. Their approach is professional, yet kind, and very caring. I could not have done it without them.

Every step of the way, I was given guidance and coaxing. They also encouraged me to write and express my voice something I truly and deeply appreciate. Both Victoria and Michael are geniuses, it was a great pleasure to work with them.”

Josie Nigro

“Victoria and Michael,

I just cannot thank you enough! I never expected to be this excited about my blog, and I know that it’s all due to your hard work, and vast experience in Seach Engine Optimization (SEO), WordPress blogs and meta data expertise!

Why I LOVE the team of Victoria and Michael Stankard of Get Found Now:

I wanted to share the following testimonial with your readers, and to let them know that it is 100% heartfelt and real (That thousand bucks you gave me had no bearing on this at all ; ) LOL). I wanted to develop a self-hosted blog to help other business owners and share what I’ve learned over the years, but I knew that it needed to be something special and unique, and I wasn’t sure who I could trust to get it right. Having spent a lot of time (and money) on internet marketing programs, training seminars and books, I knew quite a bit about SEO myself, and had been blogging for several years. Because of this, I realized that finding the right company was essential to the success and exposure of my blog.

At one point I even considered (for all of 2 seconds) building the blog myself, but when I realized how much time and energy it would take away from my business, I knew that I needed to hire someone instead. It had to be someone that wouldn’t just build a generic site, and then leave everything else to me. My blog required a WordPress-Genesis expert; one that knew what they were doing on the front and back end of the blog, to maximize search engine results and get me the kind of first page ranking that I wanted. After contemplating the idea for quite some time, I came across Victoria Stankard’s posts on another blog community. Intrigued and inspired, I then read every single post on the GetFoundNow.com site and knew that I had found the right company!

I can honestly say, after working with Victoria and Michael Stankard of GetFoundNow.com, that you will get more than what you could ever hope for in a blog and serious WordPress SEO training. I could not be more excited about my blog, and the education I received regarding optimizing a WordPress site on the back-end, was invaluable! Michael and Victoria provide not only the best, and most optimized WordPress blogs for search engine placement, but they also include necessary plug-ins and simple navigation so your website visitors can easily find what they’re looking for, and you’ll know who’s been on your site, what they clicked on and more! To top it all off, my site looks incredible and I’ve received tons of compliments about how warm and inviting it is!

You could easily spend 3 times the amount of money (I know I have in the past), and not receive the kind of personal attention and in-depth training that Get Found Now provides. Don’t waste your time or money on imitators and wanna be’s! Take my advice and learn from my past mistakes; call Get Found Now today, and get it done right the first time!!”

~ Gina Bonanno-Lemos
Entrepreneur and Business Owner
(714) 721-6024

“Where do you go when you realize that you need help setting up a WordPress site/blog as well as a power boost in writing fantastic SEO-optimized blog posts that will soar to the front page of Google? After much research and speaking with several colleagues whom I trust completely, I made the phone call to Michael and Victoria Stankard of Get Found Now. I wasn’t going to mess around. After blogging for two years on a real estate community forum and getting good Google results, I realized that I need to ratchet up my blogging and Internet presence a notch or two. After lurking for MONTHS on Get Found Now’s website and reading EVERY post they published, I knew I had found the right people to help me take my Internet presence to the next level. First, Michael Stankard created my WordPress site, called SouthCharlotteLifestyle.com. He listened to me as I described what I wanted to accomplish with my WordPress site, and patiently created my masterpiece! Michael has forgotten far more than I will EVER know about building a website, but that’s OK…I hired him to do what I had neither the expertise nor inclination to do – build a whiz-bang WordPress site that is going to be the anchor of my South Charlotte NC real estate business.
When Michael finished installing my site, he turned me over to his lovely and talented wife, Victoria, the SEO blogging diva, who PATIENTLY coached my through six sessions of blog training on my new WordPress site. I looked forward to my conversations with Victoria like someone looks forward to a first date! I knew that Vic was going to go above and beyond her role as coach – and she did…every time. Here are the three main things I learned from Victoria Stankard of Get Found Now:
  1. I must be authentic in my writing. Write for people first, and THEN go back and optimize my posts for SEO.
  2. She taught me how to format my blog posts, add photos (and SEO optimize them), add SEO headers, create SEO tags and meta tags….all so that my blog posts will be FOUND by people looking to buy or sell real estate in South Charlotte, NC. After just one week, my posts are rocking the Internet!
  3. My main goal is to create topic authority – and this can only be established by consistent, fresh content. Unfortunately, I can’t press the “easy” button and just pay for Michael to create the fancy WordPress site – I have to consistently create new content that will bolster my topic authority.
I just can’t say enough about Victoria and Michael Stankard. They ANSWER the phone, provide incredible customer service, patiently answer questions from those of us who are NOT computer savvy, and produce incredible results.
They will not nickel and dime you – once you are in their “client family,” you are truly IN…they continually provide feedback, answer questions, tweak your WordPress site, whatever needs to be done! I think the nicest thing that I can say about Victoria and Michael Stankard is that they are truly as excited about my new WordPress blog site success as I am. I am not just another customer – I am their new friend, and they are committed to my success!
In summary, I highly recommend the services of Victoria and Michael Stankard of Get Found Now in building your WordPress site of the future. They are talented, extremely knowledgeable, patient and very reasonable. Please contact me with any questions you may have about the great service I received from the Stankards and Get Found Now. My only regret is that I didn’t contact them 2 years ago when I started blogging!”
Helen Adams Realty
704-654-9700 (cell)
704-749-2029 (FAX)

“As a full time realtor, I ask homeowners who try to sell their own homes without the expertise of a realtor “Why in the world would you attempt to do full time job of selling your home on your own when you already have a full time job?” And that’s how feel about trying to build your own website if that’s not your area of expertise. You can’t possibly do both well. Victoria and Michael Stankard are experienced, focused, extremely patient and encouraging.

Victoria works on the front end, guiding you with formatting, meta tags, SERPS, navigation and SEO function. She understands we may need hand holding with this. And she also coaches which helped me with my struggle optimizing content.

The behind the scenes technology for optimizing websites changes by the minute and Michael Stankard is already ahead of the game before the website industry news is out. I was told he had SEO magic and it turns out he does and more. Not only am I getting noticed on the net but my position is accelerating. I am thrilled with the results.

Michael and Victoria treat each client differently to suit their particular needs and apply what will work best for that individual client. The Stankards are a brilliant husband and wife team for the business owner that wants to Get Found Now.”

~Terri Poehler
Boward County Real Estate Expert

“After an attempt to set up a new WordPress website on my own (and with the help from a friend), I realized that I truly needed someone with tons of experience to help me. You see, I live in a very competitive market and my blog and websites have been my bread and butter for the last three years. I was planning to open my own firm and I really needed solid internet presence to be able to give leads to my agents. I have since become a partner with a wonderful boutique firm, Savvy + Company Real Estate, here in Charlotte and have ready, willing and very capable REALTORS to take leads and work with buyers and sellers. So, I needed a good jump-start with a new, functioning and highly effective site. I did extensive research on those who build WordPress sites. I tested each of the candidates’ websites for their ranking and spoke with their references. Their references were nothing short of glowing. I also found that Get Found Now had, by far, the best internet presence; knowing that is crucial to anyone hiring an SEO coach or someone to build their site. If their site doesn’t rank better than my own, then how would they possibly be able to take mine to the next level? I hired Michael and Victoria and have not been anything but, thrilled with their customer service, level of expertise and most importantly, results. It was imperative to me that I found someone who could get me to the next level with my internet marketing. In not even two short months, my daily visitors have gone from the bare minimum (when I was building my own!) to over 600 per day with the help of Michael and Victoria Stankard. Michael knows everyone who IS anyone in the industry and has helped me with issues that I had with my original host site with instantaneous results with just one simple phone call. (That’s another thing–they ANSWER their phones!!) As well, Victoria reviewed SEO techniques with me and after one phone call, I followed her instructions to a ‘t’ and within 24 hours, I had two calls directly from that information that I used! Two calls who are now clients–that beats the heck out of hopeful ‘leads’ that I have to work to convert!
Thanks, Victoria & Michael! You guys TOTALLY rock and I absolutely LOVE my new site AND the attention that it is getting!”

~ Debe Maxwell, CRS, Realtor®/Broker

Savvy + Company Real Estate
1920 E. 7th Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
Mobile: (704) 491-3310
Fax: (704) 353-7014

“When I first thought about getting a Word Press Site, I thought that I could design it and get it started all on my own. I soon found out that designing and putting together a website wasn’t easy business! I had done a lot of research on who to use to help me design my site and then teach me how to use it and time after time, Victoria and Michael Stankard from getfoundnow.com were recommended to me.

I have to say that I was not disappointed! Both Michael and Victoria designed a beautiful and unique site for me as I didn’t want just your everyday ordinary templated site. They took their time to find out exactly just what I wanted it and made extra sure I was satisfied with the look and design of the site. Looks; however, are not the only thing that matters in a website. As many know, SEO (search engine optimization) is critical for our sites to be found. Victoria and Michael are experts on what they do and how they do it. Not only do they design great Word Press Sites but they ensure that your site is optimized to be found (I am guessing that’s why they call themselves Get Found Now). They also take the time to teach you how to use your site so that you understand what it takes to keep your site from going stagnant.

I am very grateful to have had Victoria and Michael from getfoundnow.com design and optimize my site for me. I expect that much of my future business will be attributed to this site! If you want to get your Word Press site designed, optimized and be provided with some of the best personal service provided, I suggest you call Victoria and Michael Stankard and Get Found Now!!”

Brenda Mullen
Realtor®, ABR®, e-Pro
Keller Williams Realty
210-807-0819 (Cell)
210-696-9996 (Office)
210-696-9981 (Fax)

“The real estate site that Get Found Now created for me is beautiful. Anyone and everyone agrees it is so. There is no cookie cutter look about it. I would go so far as to say it is unique. We developed a concept together and they executed it perfectly.

But any good artist can create a pretty picture. It is the technology behind the picture that gives a website strength. Strength in how robust it is and strength in search engine rankings. Equally important is how easy it is for visitors to use. Michael Stankard’s in depth knowledge of the technology is at least half the story behind the strength of Get Found Now created sites.

Ultimately, a website is created to communicate. It must communicate information you want . Victoria is the one most skilled communicators. She knows how to write and she knows how the search engines work. Equally important, she knows how to teach. When you are done with Victoria’s training you too will be skilled writer and a search engine master.”

Maya Swamy, Ph.D.
Funds Available

“Hi Victoria and Michael,

I want to thank you for the outstanding WordPress website you created for me. Thank your son for his work on the design, too. I cannot say enough about the quality of work and the training you’ve provided. I’ve learned more than I ever thought I needed to know about websites and I now realize it’s information I wished I had known long ago.

I was really hesitant to make the investment on a new website but after speaking to Victoria I was totally convinced she knew her stuff and the end result would be exactly what I had hoped plus more. There is so much involved with creating a productive website that’s easy for customers to navigate, looks great and gets found on search engines. I’ve attempted to create my own websites to save money but the results pale in comparison. I’m so glad I made the call to GetFoundNow.com so the experts could finally create not only the image I’ve been wanting from a website but the productivity that all websites should provide.

An important lesson learned through this experience is that a website is not a set-it and forget tool. It requires regular attention through the addition of posts. Specifically, not the abbreviated posts I was hoping to skate by with but quality posts. This is one of the valuable lessons I’ve learned and one I am determined to make a best practice.

Thank you, again, for the outstanding website and feel free to share my testimonial with any prospective customer. In addition, I’m more than happy to speak with any of your prospective customers to personally share my great experience with GetFoundNow.com, as well.

I wish you all the best and may the work you did for me result in 10 fold business for you!”

~ Sally Null
CDPE – Certified Distressed Property Expert
2119 W. Brandon Blvd., #A, Brandon, FL 33511
813.786.5946 – cell
813.684.8400 – fax

“I’ve struggled trying to do this on my own with a little help from another consultant who I’ve never met. Hasn’t been fun to put so much energy into something that seems broken like I have been. The words you used to identify with me on the wordpress seo tune-ups page were perfect. I felt like you knew exactly what I was going through and that you knew exactly how to help. Price point of $99 was also refreshing because I’ve been burned spending $50-100/hr on someone new and then quickly see they don’t know what they’re doing. ESPECIALLY graphic artists.”

~ Evan Little
Green Real Estate Specialist
REALTOR®, EcoBroker®, GPR, LEED Green Associate
Surterre Properties Inc.
949.939.9687 phone/text

“We recommend Get Found Now to any business owner. Victoria Stankard and her team provided exceptional work, efficient turn times and excellent customer service. After the success of our new website development with Get Found Now, we hired them for all of our branding and other marketing projects.”

~ Tagrid Shunia
CEO of First Pro Capital
West Palm Beach – Chicago IL

“Over the course of the last 10 years I have had 4 different websites, everything from a static site to a fully flash site. Each time I paid a ton of money and got a nice looking site. The problem was no one ever came to those sites. I was scared to call anyone else based on the fact everyone else promised me the world and couldn’t deliver. I looked into using cookie cutter dental websites, but it just didn’t feel right. That all changed when I met Michael and Victoria at Get Found Now. I had them look at my existing site and they gave me their honest opinions as to what they thought needed to be done, at an affordable price. I liked that they are a husband wife team and that they cater to your specific concerns. No Cookie Cutter site here. I signed up and in less than a week, my website popped up on the first page of Goggle! Something that no one else could do in over 10 years! Michael is straight forward and tells you exactly what he thinks, no B.S. He builds the back end of the site from the ground up and lays the foundation for a great site. Victoria works the front end of the site, teaching you how to blog in word press and optimize it so that what your blogging actually gets to your clientele. I can say that I would recommend them to anyone interested in having an awesome website that not only looks good, but works and gets results!

~ Randell Rothfus
Rothfus Family Dental

“I started researching real estate web sites in 2010. Along the way I looked at many providers and the sometimes outrageous claims promising to put me on the first page of Google ! I kept finding very positive comments about ” Get Found Now ” and helpful posts written by Vic and Michael Stankard. My self hosted WordPress site was developed by Vic/Michael. My primary reason for working with them was the personal coaching by Victoria ! Her patient and enthusiastic input is critical !
I’ve heard of many sites where the technical help ends just when you need it the most ! Though only 4 months new my site already ranks well on the first page of Google for relevant search terms and I know I will only get stronger ! Thanks Mike and Vic !

You really are the best !!!”

~ Bill Gilhespy

“After spending so much money on webinars and courses to try to improve my website and SEO rankings I have finally found someone that is willing to go the full mile teaching and training me. Victoria Stankard at Get Found Now is this person. I will be the first to admit I am not the easiest person in the world to teach as some things just don’t register when it is first presented to me. This is where Victoria has the patience to go over things and back step as many times as it takes for me to get it. There is one thing about teaching me and that is when I get it, it is engrained in my head so we move on. Victoria will take the time to go over my Blogs and make sure I have everything in them to boost my SEO and she is pushing me to get the best content so people will read and follow me.”

~ Thanks”
Jim Braun
Surprise AZ

“Get Found Now offers blog coaching with Victoria. The coaching has been good for me because I needed the “push” to begin writing. Victoria is a prolific writer. This is evident from the information on blogging and SEO that is available on their site for free. While I am not approaching a point of satisfaction in content or quantity, I know that will be eventually. This is where I need to be even before I consider optimizing for the SERPs.”

~ Eugene Adan
Carlsbad, CA

Thanks Get Found Now!

“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Victoria. Not only did she do great things with my website, she was patient in working with me and explaining to me what I need to do from here forward in order to keep it in shape. She worked hard for me from day one and I hope to continue to work with her in more in the future.”

“I cannot say enough about Victoria and Michael’s attention to customer service. They both helped me a great deal with very short notice. They gave thorough attention to all my questions. They both go above and beyond in their individual areas of expertise. Michael made sure that my admin section was finely tuned and in sync with all the Google/spider issues. Victoria is a master of SEO tactics and taught me the important aspects I should work on to make sure my every page and post have the most SEO impact possible. My WordPress real estate site is world’s better in just a very short time because of their guidance. I highly recommend them. They will get your web presence on track and maximized for effectiveness.”

Thanks again Victoria and Michael.

~ Neal Pender
The Pender Group

“I have been working with GetFoundNow and Victoria Stankard for just a short time now but the results have been astounding! Victoria and her work partner/husband Michael have transformed our blog from one that was nice but not very SEO functional to one that is already very JUICED up.

The first step was for Michael to fix up the Back End and work the SEO magic so that the “web spiders and crawlers” would find us. He also set it up so that the syndications happened automatically so that our blogs posts would go out there and get found ( Get it? Get Found Now?) Finally he checked over lots of other things such as titles and the meta tags to be sure we were set up correctly. Next, Victoria went to work and set the Navigation Bar up to make sense. We now have drop down menus for area searches and information and tabs for a buyer and seller. Finally, I’m signed up for Victoria’s class on SEO Blogging where she will tach me how to blog and get the SEO juice. Once we’re done, our blog will be one that gets noticed and will be driving the leads home to us where they belong.”
Thanks Victoria and Michael!
~ Vic Yepello
Assistant to Ron Jesser

“Thank you so much for the awesome work you did for The Linda Seaton Team in creating www.NashvilleHomesBuyLindaSeaton.com. You took us all the way through setting up a gorgeous and functional WordPress website. It’s so much more than a place to blog! We were absolute beginners at WordPress, but with your training, we are now able to post blogs with great SEO, make new pages as we need them for more communities or anything else we might want to tackle, do deep links, bring our IDX searches right into our posts, insert maps for good “geo” SEO, make great use of our pictures, our Tag Cloud, and so much more. Our site is dynamic, informative, and bringing in leads. I remember the day you were teaching the Stats pages of WordPress and we found the spiders had already been all over a blog we just posted 3 minutes ago! It’s up to us to “keep the content coming”, but I know you’re only a phone call away if I need help! You’re expertise was invaluable to our real estate team here in Nashville.”

~ Judy

“Victoria of Get Found Now is brilliant, focused, patient, supportive and encouraging in the work that she does-creating complete websites. She took me by the hand as she built my health and well-being business website from the ground up. When it comes to computers I was at the kindergarten level while Victoria is at the Master’s level. She has the ability to break it all down into easily understood steps in building a website that is alive with people-focused, optimized content using Word Press. I’m still blown away at how Get Found Now makes it all work so effectively.

Her clarity of vision and ability to explain step by step the workings of SEO, usability, and content has helped me to become more confident. Through Victoria’s coaching I am realizing an old dream of writing. I never thought I’d be blogging about what I love for people who are interested in the content, and then linked back to my beautiful website. Victoria has taken me under her wing and now I am beginning to soar, too.

If you want an awesome, complete website with a solid internet presence that is alive and reflects who you are and the work you do in the world, contact Victoria of Get Found Now. Don’t wait another moment. You owe it to yourself, your business and your clients who will find you with Victoria’s expertise.”

~ Maureen Brennan Mercier
Intuitive Reader, Reiki Master Healer, Meditation Teacher, writer


“I’ve always prided in being able to do most things by myself. I was a web designer/developer for several years having worked on many individual projects, fairly complex database driven real estate sites and worked on large corporate e-commerce sites. I’ve been out of the web development world for 5 years now. I’ve heard about all the keywords like blogs and SEO but really had no grasp of them. Regardless, when it came to my own website, I was confident I could do it on my own. It took me months to put the design together and the content, and there it sat. It wasn’t till some close friends asked me “how come when I google your company, it doesn’t show up at the top?” I had no answer. In fact, the more I looked into the problem, the more I discovered how poor my website was. I came to the grim realization that everything I knew about web design from years ago was effectively useless. Today’s sites needed more than just a design and some content to get noticed. It needed GREAT content and functional/search engine happy designs.

Letting go of the content writing and design was a very difficult decision for me, but I knew I needed to as what I wanted my site to be was beyond my own skill set. I found Victoria at Get Found Now and started reading through her articles on other sites and her own site and was quite impressed. After being able to talk to Victoria and her vision of how article marketing works and how it contributes to SEO, I was convinced. Speaking with Michael about the site was also exciting to know what he’ll do for the design and setup of the site and how that contributes to the SEO success.

So after much thought, I relinquished the chains on my site to Victoria and Michael and have been thoroughly impressed. Gaining authority in your industry takes time and investment with article writing and good content. However, in the couple short months I’ve had my site up with newly written and rewritten content, my site is showing up in not just searches for my company, but many other key terms. Victoria strongly suggested having geo-targeted pages and they have proven to be quite a draw on the search engine results. I’m very impressed with their work and planning to have more geo-targeted pages and articles done by Victoria in the coming months. “
~ James Hsu, Real Estate Broker