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If you have a self-hosted WordPress website (not talkin about here) then you know how important it is to blog on a consistent basis, that is of course, if you want to see any kind of results in the index.  A brand new WordPress website, fresh out-of-the-gate, will need a major kick start to get it off the ground and the way to get the job done is to propigate the index with fresh, quality content at least two to three times per week.  Even a WordPress veteran website that’s been out there in the cyber-trenches for awhile needs a steady diet of fresh content to stay alive in the index.

That being said, there are just so many hours in a day (not enough hours if you ask me) to get EVERYTHING done (which of course never happens) that we set out to accomplish.  Where do those 24 hours go anyway?  Like most of you, my days are full-tilt boogie from the moment I start my day, juggling WordPress training and SEO blog coaching (3 -4 training sessions a day), WordPress website development to-dos and responding to the needs of my clients.  And I must admit that by the end of a long day, I’m usually too pooped to pop, let alone have any energy left to blog on my own WordPress websites that need the love.

“I Know I Need to Blog, but I have no Time”

I hear it all the time  – “I know I need to blog, but I have no time.”  Well, I’ve been around the block a few times with WordPress and I have to say that even if your site is a top of the line Ferrari with all the usability and SEO bells and whistles, you still need to put the pedal to the metal and give it gas (feed it a steady diet of high octane, quality content), or it ain’t gonna perform the way you want it to perform in the index.

“Build It and They will Come”

Remember the movie Field of Dreams and the famous line, “Build it and they will come?”  Well, Google is no Satchel Paige and the only way you’re going to “get them to come,” at least with WordPress, is to commit to blogging on a regular basis, no matter how busy or tired you are.

Even if it’s only 30 minutes that you are able to devote to your blogging efforts, try an eek out time each day. And if the creative juices aren’t flowing, cause your just too dog tired, pull an earlier post out of your article archives, give it a face-lift and shoot it back out through your RSS and social networking channels. I do this when I am spent or simply have nothing amazing to blog about, and trust me, it’s never a waste of your time.

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