The Importance of Quality vs quantity Content and Back Links

As a SEO bloging coach and prolific blogger myself, I preach form the pulpit about quality content vs quantity. It’s not how many posts you write that matters. Rather, it’s about writing informative, engaging, well written posts that people enjoy reading and link back to that helps your website rankings and search engine placement the most. You could have the most amazing looking WordPress website tweaked to the max with all the latest plugins, bells and whistles, but if your content isn’t worth reading, what good is it going to do you?

The Importance of Quality vs Quantity Content and Back Links

I am going to share with you a little story about the importance of quality vs quality content and the importance of PEOPLE linking back to your content.

In December of 2010,  I wrote this little tutorial on how to use tags for WordPress SEO as it seemed like an apropo topic to blog about at the time because so many of my clients were confusing tags with keywords and categories and wanted to know if tags were even important for SEO or usability. I wanted to write a thorough SEO blog post about how to use tags for WordPress and clear up some of the confussion to the best of my ability.

Well, what I didn’t realize was that these same questions were being asked on International forums and my little SEO blog post tutorial on how to use tags for WordPress SEO would end up on prominent SEO and WordPress forums translated into multiple languages on a global level. I had no idea of the magnitude of what this little post would do for Get Found Now, how our traffic would sky rocket and how far and wide this one post would reach out into the blogosphere, but it did.  It was just a post I felt like writing one day, never imagining what it would turn into.

Now, now matter how you type it into the index, because so many websites and forums have linked to it, this post on how to use tags for WordPress SEO comes up on page one of  Google and 9/10 in the  #1 spot.  Now and then I will go back into the post and maybe add a thing or two (updating previous posts with fresh content is always a good thing) but for the most part, the post is just out there in the index doing it’s own thing. 

According to Google analytics, this one post brings in about 40% of GFN’s daily traffic.  Here is a snippet of a portion our real time stats utilizing Statpress (my next post)  just for for today, but it’s like this everyday. The only difference is that there are usually more International flags waving, asking about how to use tages for WordPress SEO.


You can type in the topic of how to use tags for wordpress SEO as follows and see for yourself.

how to use tags for wordpress
how to use SEO tags for wordpress
tags seo wordpress
seo wordpress tags
seo tags for wordpress
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do tags help wordpress seo
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wordpress tags and seo
wordpress seo tags or categories
Etc., etc., etc.

It all Starts with Enaging and Informative Content Written for PEOPLE

Folks, my point here is that it’s all about taking the time to write quality content rather than just pumping out a slew of quicky posts in order to saturate the index. That’s not how it works. There is a specific method for getting top search engine placement and it all starts with engaging, informative content that people appreciate, enjoy reading and link back to. Yes, you might get a so-so post in a top spot in the index for a week, maybe even two, because you gave it a little SEO mojo,  but if you want your posts to stick in the index like glue, write quality over quantity content.

Search Engine Optimization and Quality Content – The Best of Both Worlds!

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