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Search Engines Have Become Answer EnginesIf you take a look in the real (non-cyber) world, everything we need is abundantly available and everywhere. Yet the privileges and affluence of living in America are often taken for granted. To be honest, I never truly realized how good I had it until I met a woman from Romania who grew up under the iron curtain.

Compared to her life, where she would wait in line two hours for a loaf of bread, I came to the realization that we Americans have it pretty darn good. I never felt more appreciative of our way of life until my Romanian friend became an American citizen and I was able to share in her joy.

Unlike many other countries, we don’t despair about finding what we need like food, clothes and shelter.  But, what about what we want?

Getting What You Need from the World Wide Web

The WWW gives us all that we want such as news, weather, recipes, sports, medical advice and the list goes on. But, if you run an online business, how do you get what you NEED from the WWW?  What does a virtual business need for online success?

The recipe for success is a simple one:

  • A smart domain
  • Solid hosting
  • A great platform to write on
  • Honest, unique and engaging content
  • Social media to spread your message

Gone are the days of ‘tricksters’ trying to manipulate the search engines with yesteryear’s SEO tactics.  And those that got spanked for it due to the latest panda updates are feeling the sting big time.

Search Engines Have Become Answer Engines

Search Engines have become ‘answer engines’ and have changed the way they produce results for user searches. Users are looking for instant gratification.  How many ounces are in a cup to make this recipe work?  How do I convert metrics to feet?  How can I improve my credit score? How do I get rid of the fleas on my dog?  These are typical online searches and users want the answers now!

Providing Search Engines with the Answers their Customers Need

Wait a minute, is a search engine user a customer? Yes, because they are likely to click on a paid ad which makes the search engine money.  That is the only reason behind Google’s latest Panda updates, which transformed their spider bots from a soulless indexer to a life-like customer.

If you want to take search engine customers and make them yours – provide original, relevant and quality content; build discussion on your site and answer comments; and be fast on your feet with social media. Do all of the above and you will get the buzz going about your biz and build up a powerful online presense.

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  1. Jeff Belonger says:

    Victoria…. wait, you mean that this is actually common sense? Wait, I have found is that many don’t have common sense. I agree, basically writing good quality content, able to engage, and answer when people comment. I have been using this philosophy since I started writing 5 years ago. Good post…

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