The Magic Formula for SEO Blogging Success!For all you bloggers out there looking for search engine placement results, SEO is only half the recipe for success. I could tell you every SEO trick I know and believe me, when it comes to SEO blogging, I do know how to get top, organic search engine placement.

You can search just about every keyword phrase pertaining to SEO content writing services into Google and I am in the top 5, if not #1.

Go ahead and type in: optimized content services, seo content for wordpress, optimized content for blogs, optimized content for websites, optimized content for wordpress, seo content services, wordpress copywriting services, blog seo copywriting services, seo wordpress copywriting services, optimized content, etc….  Enough said.

However, my aim here is not to impress you with “my amazing SEO knowledge base.” Frankly, I could care less about all that. What you bloggers want is PROOF that all this SEO stuff works and you want to know how to get SEO results for your own blog.

My formula for SEO blogging and top search engine placement is simple. Start off with a robust WordPress content management system and write pure, unadulterated non-SEO content for PEOPLE. Yes, that’s what I said. Don’t even think about SEO when you are in the creative process of flushing out a post.

When you are done writing, let your post “brew” in draft for awhile and basically forget about it. Later, after you are no longer married to your “masterpiece,” look at it as neutral marketing content from a purely SEO perspective. 

Now is the time to optimize your post with good keywords for topic authority, which you have researched with a keyword search tool.  The final ingredient is a great title with a little bit of SEO thrown in for good measure.

SEO Blogging – Think Right Brain vs Left Brain 

Writing is a right brain, creative activity whereas, SEO is more linear and left brain. You will be better at blending the two if you can switch gears and do them separately. What you will end up with is quality, engaging content for people and optimized content for the search engines – the magic formula for search engine placement and SEO blogging success! 

Remember, it all starts with quality, engaging content because web users deplore keyword stuffed dribble and they won’t stick around to read it!

Search Engine Optimization and Quality Content – The Best of Both Worlds!

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