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A successful WordPress blogging platform that performs in the index requires a comprehensive understanding of how SEO and a WordPress blogging platform works.

Unlike static websites that sit out there in cyberspace waiting to be showered by search engine love, WordPress takes an entirely different, proactive approach.

WordPress XML RPC Communication

WordPress actually goes out and fishes for kuddos via XML RPC Ping Update Services and XML Sitemap updates (that is if you have your WordPress website set up properly).  XML Sitemaps (formerly Google Sitemap) automatically create a site map that conforms to the specification which helps search engines keep their search results up to date.

Write a post, tweak a post, write a page, tweak a page and Google gets immediately notified, and says HELLO to your fresh content.  Bada Bing Bada Bing – and what you get is immediate search engine placement.

Are Your Website Pages and Posts Communicating with one Another?

All that said, whether you can keep your placement is a completely different story, as it takes linking to and back to other pages/posts within your site in order to build up enough topic authority for search engine placement.  In other words, your pages and posts need to speak to one another on a regular basis about new stuff. It also takes other people liking what you have to say and linking to your good content via comments and Social Media.

Write a post and your WordPress XML RPC Ping Notification Service will shoot out feelers to directories who will then shoot out to their propitiatory directories far and wide.  How great is that?  The fun part is that you can actually watch all this stuff happening in real time with the StatPressV plugin.

The Techno and Artistic Science that Goes into Writing Good Content

When you blog, there’s not only a techno science, but an artistic science that goes into writing exceptional content that will perform well in the index.  And the most important Internet sage advice I have to offer is that at the end of the day, you must write for people (usability), then optimize for search engines – always in that order.

Front-end SEO on self hosted WordPress is not difficult to comprehend but it does require a bit of training if you want to get everything you can get out of a WordPress blogging platform built for SEO.

Page and Post SEO Dos:

  • Proper URL structures
  • SEO H1 Titles (main title)
  • Supportive heading tags
  • SEO Meta titles
  • Proper Keyword density
  • Image Alt text that supports page SEO
  • Use of Geo-targeted maps
  • Outbound linking to authority sites
  • Internal links to pages/pages and posts/posts building internal linking structure
  • Proper SEO/usability post tags

Here are two examples of properly optimized pages:

1). Notice the geo-targeted URL structure  starts AFTER the domain name (Very important if your domain name lacks geo-targeting for SEO.

Also notice that the title of the page is: Living in Maricopa County Arizona. The menu name says Maricopa County and the meta titles says Maricopa County Arizona Homes for Sale, Maricopa County Arizona Real Estate.

Here is another page example of what I am talking about from the same website:

2). The URL structure is: The (h1) title of the page is Chandler Arizona (not Chandler Real Estate) which properly follows Southeast Valley page. And the meta title for the page is Chandler Arizona real Estate, Chandler Arizona Homes for Sale.

And that is how you do it ……

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