believe If You Don’t Ask for The Sale

Today, I really stopped to question  the way I go about asking for the sale when I talk with a prospective client. I am the money negotiation partner for Get Found Now, and have to run a bit more male energy than I care to run at times.  And for those that know me,  I sold fine art and taught others how to sell it for over 20 years.

I have to say that the most important thing I took away from the experience is that if you don’t ASK for the sale or are afraid of the word “NO,” (a minor boo-boo-hurty you can easily overcome), you can forget about getting a “YES” and should probably find a different profession.

Ask for the sale Three Times in Three Different Ways

Heck, are your clients not sales people? They grasp the importance of asking for the sale cause that’s what they have to do all day long if they ever want to get ahead. Trust me, they will respect you as long as you are able to substantiate your sales savvy with your expertise in what you do and can back it up. And if they don’t, well … that ‘s your red flag to move on immediately and not look back.

Sometimes, the word “NO” needs a little Bactine®, maybe a Band-Aid® or two and and a few sweet kisses blown where it hurts. Haven’t we all been there at one time or another? But at at the end of the day, it does makes us more resilient and stronger now doesn’t it?

Truthfully,  I actually like the energy of hesitation and the word “NO” because” I know” my biz and can turn my clients around in the right direction they need to be going in a heart beat – Not because I am a slimy, lying, used car salesman kind of  heartless jerk either. It’s because I happen to know what I am doing online and can speak about it with total confidence AND substantiate what I have to say with numerous online examples.

No, We are Not GOD, or Even the Index Horse’s Mouth, (a.k.a. Google) – We are just Get Found Now

It is hard to walk away of the truth when you hear it from the horse’s mouth. That being said, we are not God nor do we think we are God or the horse’s mouth.  We are just Get Found Now. We have been around the block and back again and again and again  for over 10 years. In the process, we have screwed up more times that we probably care to admit, have  made some real dumbo mistakes with Google and taken some really stupid mistakes intermingling with competitors online (don’t, ever and I mean ever do that), over the years. I think I am the poster child of dumb online mistakes like that.

We are currently running a strong game plan as always (current) and our placement for important terms that convert in the index for new business and a loyal following of satisfied clients is well … wonderful. It is also a hard earned testament of our fortitude and resilience to bounce back and be even better at what we are able to accomplish for our clients tenfold.

 If you call me and we talk about what you want to achieve online, you will see that I am intense, right there, front and center, focused on your industry and your target market like the point of a pin. Yes, I know my stuff and more often then not, I am going to shift a new client’s online vision in the correct direction that may conflict with their current dream, expectations and a direction that will work for online success front-end, back-end and everywhere in between.

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