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As a WordPress trainer and SEO blogging coach, most folks who hire me are focused on learning the mechanics of SEO and to be honest, SEO is only one, very small part of the total online, blogging success equation. There are many other components I teach of the mathematical Pi (as in whole pie) that will need to be factored in.

Yes, I’ll be the first to say that if you want organic search engine placement for specific search terms and topics you blog about, you’ll need to throw a bit of SEO into the mix – no doubt about it.

That being said,  search engine placement is not the endgame or why you’re blogging in the first place, now is it?  Usability or what happens AFTER your content gets found in the index by Internet users, a.k.a. real people (not bots), should be given even more consideration.

A Winning Combination of Elements that Work together as a Seamless Whole

Effective blogging magic happens when the elements of quality content, Internet usability and SEO formatting mesh and work together as a seamless whole. Of course, the content management system you’re blogging on and how it’s configured for server to search engine communication is extremely  important.

Hence the reason why GFN encourages website owners who sign up for our WordPress training and SEO blog coaching to have us take a look under the hood (back-end) and make sure the site is configured properly on all fronts, or if it needs an upgrade to a more robust framework like Genesis.

Bottom Line

You can blog until your gray on top and blue in the face, but if your website is not running on all cylinders, it isn’t going to perform in the index,  no matter how much you blog  on it – end of story.

The Overall User Experience

Usability has to do with the overall user experience from website design to content presentation and the two biggest usability turn-offs are:

  1. Confusing website navigation or lack there of nav features (you only have about 10 seconds, folks)
  2. Lack of what I call “Internet usability formatting,” which includes the use of descriptive heading tags that organize and break up blocks of text and lists (ordered and unordered) that organize salient points for quick scanning.

Adding Images is to Your Blog Content is Good Usability and SEO

Adding images to website content is also good for usability and SEO.  Images add visual appeal to your content and draw the attention of your site visitors down past the title of the page.  And although search engines can’t read images, they can read image titles and alt text so take the time to optimize and title your images for usability and SEO – not to mention, if  you neglect to title your images, the original image file names appear when site visitors mouse over them, which in my opinion is trés sloppy blogging all the way.

fat-woman-holding-baby. Talk about a File Name Faux Pas!

Just the other day, I was surfing around and happened upon a website that had an image of a woman holding a baby on the homepage, and low and behold,  when I moused over the image (cause I do that like a million a one others do), fat-woman-holding-baby was the file name that displayed.  Some nincompoop forgot to change the file name to a more user-friendly (less rude) title, which in my opinion, says a lot about their blogging skills, professionalism, aptitude for details and overall kindness.

Get Rid of those Image Links

Along with changing out file names and adding alt text for SEO,  it’s also a good idea to remove image links, unless you’re linking to a specific destination within your website or linking out to one that you want site visitors and/or search engines to follow. The reason being that if you don’t remove the image link, site visitors may inadvertently click on the image and jump out of the page and not find their way back to it.

Removing Image links and replacing image file names with user-friendly titles may seem a bit nit picky in the grand scheme of things but details like these are worth your attention if you want to become a more effective blogger. And as I said before and will say again (cause it’s worth saying again) the quality and presentation of your content is just as important as search engine placement and deserves your equal consideration.

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