Well, I think the title of this post speaks for itself and let’s be real, how many of you have pondered over a WordPress website (cause why would you want any other type of website?), then froze in your tracks because deep down, you know the amount of time and effort you’ll have to invest in bringing a new WordPress website into successful fruition?

Your WordPress Website will Need to be a Ferrari

As an experienced WordPress developer that’s been around the block a few times, I will not mislead you.  A  WordPress Website that kicks arss (please pardon my french) in the SERPS and delivers in user satisfaction, a.k.a. lead conversion,  will need outstanding, optimized content on your part.  It will also need back-end, Ferrari level, server to search engine configuration as well as exceptional website design and a straight forward navigation that makes sense to your site visitors.

WordPress Website Design – A Million and One Itty Bitty Details

There are a million and one itty bitty details that go into the development of a WordPress website, no doubt about it and although we design and configure each website and tailor it to your specifications, we need your imput and direction.  After all, it is your website.  That being said, we understand that you have a personal life and a business to run and the last thing we want to do is throw the entire kitchen sink at you at one time and stress you out. We work with you step-by-step and at a pace that is managable for you. We also work pretty fast so if you are HOT to get your WordPress website up and running ‘yesterday,’ we can accommodate that too.

Your Online Competitors will be Shakin in their Boots! 

When you sign up with us, our first meeting together will be a “creative brain storming session” where we eek out the the look,  feel, direction and goals that you envision for your website.  We then create a comprehensive page and category content plan for you to follow.  Rest assured that we have years of experience in WordPress website development, search engine optimization and Internet marketing. When we build a WordPress blogging platform, it’s a Ferrari that will catapult your online presence to the next level and get your competitors ‘shakin in their boots!’Website Design and WordPress Training and Coaching

Are you ready to get serious about your online presence? We have years of experience installing, configuring and optimizing WordPress and training people how to blog effectively.  

If you would like us to design you a state-of-the-art WordPress/Genesis blogging platform; would  like to revamp the look and performance of your existing WordPress website, or could use some one-on-one WordPress training and blog coaching with Victoria, please give us a call at 813.782.1619.

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