Avoid Using Crayon Colors and Fancy Fonts in Your Content

 using colored font in your contentThe consortium that controls the standardization of how content is displayed on the Internet is by W3.  The FONT tag is being de-valued due to multiple browsers and search engines wanting this type of information in your style sheet.

OK, why is this important? WordPress comes default with Cascading Style Sheets, CSS. Style sheets control the look and feel of your website and normally do not need to be modified.

Foreground and background need a good integration and because the background will effectively influence the vision of reader, the rest space (white space or negative space) is as important as text.

Overuse of colored and off the wall font is not only difficult to read, it looks amateur and unprofessional.  If you want to play with a little color in your content, keep it to one color (monochromatic) and to a minimum, or it is going to look like a crayon box of font that’s hard to read.   See what I mean?

Black font on a white background is the Internet standard and for a very good reason. Most  people will scan through your content before they actually read it, and colored or strange fonts can make scanning difficult and annoying.

Also, if you are adding eye catching images to your content (which I highly recommend), you don’t want a lot of colored or fancy font bouncing off the page. Colorful images stand out more when juxtaposed with clean black and white font.

When Microsoft re-made their online image, they spent millions researching what users prefer to see when they visit a website. The results of these studies are the look and feel that Microsoft now enjoys. Black font on a white background. Why mess with success?

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