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geo-targeted seo content servicesIf you want to be successful online, be a James Bond 007 Internet Sleuth.

Did You know that the best way to ask Google what you want to know “about anything,” a.k.a., an inquiry of a topic – pose a question and get the quintessential answer – is simply to ask How To … and your inquiry?

Be a SEO Online Sleuth

I found that querying topics with How To? … was great for not only finding out info I wanted to know about in the immediate now but also for checking out my own search engine placement in general.


  • how to get found on the Internet?
  • how to use  wordpress tags?
  • how to geo-target your website content?

Here is a good example from one of my clients that took my WordPress training wrote the article below after reading this article about How To? … Good Job Adam, way to go and here is a link your way.

Truthfully, and yes, I use some of the most basic search engine traffic tools from a  plugin called StatPressV (real time ooh la-la) and Google Analytics because together, they give me so much information about my traffic and what is truly needed to make my website placement and traffic even better that I don’t need any other tools to make it HAPPEN.

If you want to write on-topic (popular) with on-topic long tail search terms (smart SEO) for whatever topic or geo-targeted area you are currently marketing for, use the tools above and check the results out by asking Google what you want to know.

Yes, I consider myself kind of a James Bond Internet sleuth armchair SEO traveler and national real estate SEO content writer who specializes in SEO geo-targeting. Truth is that I have 8 years of SEO, WordPress design and content optimization experience under my belt and with all humility, I know what I am talking about – what works and what is a waste of time.

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